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riot interview

2022 marks a massive year for the group as they’re celebrating the 10th year anniversary of the duo’s inception. From the streets of Israel to the main stage at EDC, RIOT has been on quite the journey whilst making its brand visible on a global stage. A constant grind to “make it” in the music industry, the 10-year anniversary not only marks the beginning of a new era for the two but gives them a chance to reflect on the trials, the tribulations, the darker side of the music industry that many don’t speak about.

RIOT sit down with us to discuss their 10-year anniversary, and how the scene has evolved since the start of their journey.

Aditya – Hello guys, we’re glad to have you for this interview. We’re almost towards the end of this year, how was this year for you?

RIOT – This year was definitely interesting for us, we celebrated 10 years for the RIOT project and got to unfold a lot of projects we’ve been working on for a long time now!

Aditya – 2022 marks ‘10-years’ for you in the music industry, how does that feel?

RIOT – It’s pretty crazy to think we’ve been doing what we do with the RIOT project for that long! Very fortunate to have such supportive fans and do what we love <3 Aditya - Could you share the most memorable moment of your decade’s experience? RIOT - Oh, man!! There are too many but I think the “turning point” was when we heard that we got our Artist Visa approved back in 2016 after working on it for almost 2 years! That is what enabled us to move to LA and actually pursue our goals and dreams to the fullest. Aditya – Could you describe the music industry back when you had begun?

RIOT – It was honestly nothing like what it is today. Back in the day, it was very much about the art and the music, the attention span of the fans was much longer and you were presented with opportunities based on the quality of your art. It feels like today the attention span of the fans is so much shorter. Social media presence and creating content that isn’t making music is almost a must to stay relevant.

Aditya – You’ve treated your fans with new music on Bassrush and Deadbeats, could you share insight on those releases and how they came about?

RIOT – We feel like those releases represent the new era of RIOT in the best way possible. We’ve been on the quest of exploring new sounds while finding that “spark” in the studio while working on music for quite some time now.


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