T.H.E Interview – Ruede Hagelstein

ruede hagelstein interview

Ruede Hagelstein initially wanted to become a rock star. Fortunately, everything came differently, and it’s his home that’s to blame: Berlin.

This boundless city, where he juggles with beats and melodies, moods and genres. As a producer, singer-songwriter and DJ, he lends the local dance, techno and electronic scene its international splendor.

He started his DJ career in the late-nineties, became a resident DJ at Watergate, one of Berlin’s most iconic clubs and has gone on to release on the likes of Bedrock, Get Physical, Anjunadeep, and KATERMUKKE. We talk to him about his new EP on Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings.

T.H.E – When was the last time you were stunned, impressed, and surprised by music, and what was the context?

Ruede Hagelstein – Maybe Jimi Jules Album on Innervisions. We know each other from when we both were Residents at Watergate, I knew he was cooking something great and the result is really cool and special.

T.H.E – You have long been a firm fixture in Berlin – how has the scene evolved and changed over the years?

Ruede Hagelstein – Young people, the new generation, are throwing their own little events, rave the park, the basement, under bridges… boosted by a long period of closed clubs whilst Corona lockdown. On the other hand, we still have a well-shaped and organized club landscape welcoming thousands of rave tourists. I think Berlin is still one of the most vibrant Techno Cities in the world.

T.H.E – What makes it such a hotbed for dance music do you think, what defines the city’s sound?

Ruede Hagelstein – Techno parties are part of Berlin’s History. The nightlife glued West and East together. But Berlin has always been a creative space and this creates a vital nightlife itself. It’s like a valve and a playground for us. Techno finds its way back to Gabba and Hardcore these days. It is stunning how the tempo is speeding up. I think it’s like a statement against the more and more mainstreaming House music with all kinds of pop influences, so Berlin always finds back to a radical state of club sound. Never grows up.

T.H.E – And what defines your own music, what is your sonic signature?

Ruede Hagelstein – I want my music to be special and find my own sounds and ways to create. It might sound weird, but i try to not be inspired by others. Instead I try to listen to what my machines and moods are telling me, while jamming around in the studio.

T.H.E – What gear do you use and does that matter to you? Are you a gear head?

Ruede Hagelstein – I love gear. But I am not extra ordinary nerdy. I just love new and old synths and touch them and play around.

T.H.E – Tell us about your new release on Do Not Sit. Why link with Justin Evans for this one? What makes him the right collaborator?

Ruede Hagelstein – This release I did once again with my friend Justin. It is a good example for what I have explained before. When we make songs together it is all about jamming with new toys. Justin usually shows up with exotic little synths and fx stuff and weird controllers i never heard of. We connect everything and link it to my studio gear and stop talking and record music.

T.H.E – Who did that? Did you each take care of certain aspects?

Ruede Hagelstein – While Justin is feeding a chain of sound sources i come up with beats and basslines. Usually i arrange and mix everything. But there is always a strong portion of live recording within our music, which makes it different to my other productions.

T.H.E – Was it in person and online? Does that effect how the sounds come out?

Ruede Hagelstein – Nah. Online sucks.

T.H.E – What is next, what else you working on?

Ruede Hagelstein – I did a couple of remixes for New Tab Music, Frau Blau and others. Some original tracks are ready for our 5 years DUAT Records compilation. My HD is packed with half baked layouts, using a few for my live sets this summer and then see, where the wind blows…


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