T.H.E Interview – Super8 & Tab

Super8 & Tab interview

The Future’s Scorchin’! We caught up with Super8 & Tab for a super insightful chat, about their first label mix-compilation, “Scorchin’ Sessions Vol. 1”.

T.H.E – Hi guys, thanks for joining us for a catch up! How’s 2021 treating you so far?

Super8 & Tab – It’s been a flying start for ourselves and Scorchin’ Records. We’re not talking literally about flying-flying, tour dates, etc, but, you know… new music!

T.H.E – You’ve just released ‘Scorchin’ Sessions Vol. 1’ – your first label-born mix-comp. How are the fans reacting to it so far?

Super8 & Tab – It’s been amazing! We have reached a lot of new fans for label and for artists too, but we’re not surprised to be honest – the package is really good! It’s a great journey and showcase what Scorchin’ records is all about in 2021.

T.H.E – There was a noticeably short period between opening Scorchin’ Records and its sister label, Scorchin’ Progressive. Was the second imprint part of the plan all along?

Super8 & Tab – We have always liked the progressive side of trance and it fits perfectly for our longer DJ sets. When we started the label we noticed how much we got sent progressive trance and a lot of them were really good. So it was just a matter of time to get the progressive side of the label running. So it was kind of an accident that it happened so fast, but very much became part of the future road map!

T.H.E – There is a clear-cut sonic difference between the two labels, but over time, the definition of certain musical genres (Progressive House for example) can become vague. Would you define Scorchin’ Progressive as the sound you started your careers with and Scorchin’ Records as the sound you’re now best known for now, or in a different manner?

Super8 & Tab – Yeah I think you are right. Scorchin’ Progressive is quite close to what it used to be when we started to play progressive trance back in the days… like looong ago! Over time when trance had been evolving to so many new genres, people tend to ask what the sound of Scorchin’ Records is, I would say it’s a Hybrid Trance. A mixture of trance, techno, house and EDM. It’s driving and uplifting with raw big sounds but also lush epic breakdowns and melodies. Kind of what we have been putting out on Armada recently but obviously each artist have they own signature touch on Scorchin’.

T.H.E – You have found a well of new artists with which to supply both the labels. Other than a good tune, how do you approach the A&R process when signing a new artist?

Super8 & Tab – First of all we listen to every track we get sent and luckily we got pretty talented artists on board at the ground level. I’m super proud how our artists are willing to work on each track. They listen to the feedback and try some of the suggestions we might have. Not everything works but it might give you a new perspective and in this process you usually find artists that are ready to put that extra mile into their production!

T.H.E – Tell us a little about some of your most productive artists you’ve signed so far?

Super8 & Tab – Ohh there are so many Hahah! Some of them send a track each week! But we always say it’s better to concentrate on quality over quantity. BUT don’t get stuck in tracks. It’s better to start something new if the previous didn’t get the flying start. Each track will teach you some new tricks, which you can fold into the next one.

T.H.E – Scorchin’ Sessions Vol.1’ is made up of exclusively unreleased and up and coming material from the labels. This seems to be quite an achievement in itself. How did you manage it!? 

Super8 & Tab – Yeah it was a massive task, not only for us but artists too. Each track is exclusively made for this compilation and is a great showcase of what to come on Scorchin’ records in 2021. We started around October to ask demos from artists and during the next 2-3 months we finalized all of them. It was a massive work but all glory goes to our artists, in terms of how they prioritised these tunes and put the long hours in to get them right!

T.H.E – The labels aside, what else have you been up to and – within the time of Covid-19 – which single achievement are you most proud of?

Super8 & Tab – Spending time with our families! I think that’s the most rewarding thing we had during these difficult times. It’s been stressful for everyone but the time international artists are away from home is ridiculous and this has indeed been a great time to spend time with your loved ones!

T.H.E – A tricky question we know, but how do you see the immediate future for Super8 & Tab, your contemporaries and indeed DJs in general in 2021?

Super8 & Tab – We have a lot of new music coming! Our album part2 is just around the corner on Armada Music and we have been asking for remixes from friends for one of our old Anjunabeats releases, which should be coming before summer too. We are busy scheduling new music on Scorchin’ Records also. We keep streaming on our Twitch channel every now and then and hopefully we are back doing some gigs later in the summer too! So things look pretty busy and exciting for us, which is great!



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