Tensteps at ADE 2023: A Journey of Inspiration and Musical Evolution

tensteps interview

At the heart of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2023, electronic music artist Tensteps shared his experiences, creative insights, and upcoming projects.

Known for his dynamic soundscapes, Tensteps emphasized the multifaceted benefits of ADE, from networking to creative inspiration.

“I get to not only see all the people that I already know… but I also get to meet a ton of new people from all different parts of the industry,” Tensteps said, highlighting ADE as a melting pot of industry professionals, from booking agents to label A&Rs, and even fans. This diverse interaction, he noted, is what sets ADE apart and makes it a special experience.

Reflecting on his memorable experiences, Tensteps mentioned his first time at the ‘State of Trance’ broadcast as particularly impactful. “That first one was like mind-blowing,” he recalled, expressing awe at sharing space with industry giants like Armin van Buuren and Andrew Rayel, artists he has long admired.

Celebrating a significant milestone, Tensteps announced the release of his debut album, ‘Infinite’, on the Find Your Harmony record label. The album, a culmination of over two years of work, includes some of his favorite songs. “The reception to it has so far been amazing,” he shared, noting the positive feedback and the new listeners it has attracted.

Speaking about his creative process, Tensteps described it as “all over the map,” with no fixed approach to starting and finishing tracks. He often begins with a vocal idea, building the track around it, leveraging his skills in both songwriting and production. “Sometimes an idea just hits,” he said, explaining how a lead melody, chord progression, or piano part could spark a new track.

For up-and-coming artists, Tensteps advised utilizing time effectively at ADE, especially during the first visit. “Go to everything you possibly can, meet everybody you possibly can,” he suggested, emphasizing the event’s potential for fostering valuable connections and opportunities.

Looking ahead, Tensteps is excited about a series of performances and releases. He announced a performance with Emma Hewitt in Dallas, Texas, and hinted at his first international show. Additionally, he teased a significant collaboration set for release in January, already generating buzz among professionals.

In summary, Tensteps’ journey at ADE 2023 is a testament to his passion for music, his commitment to continual growth, and his ability to inspire and connect with others in the industry.


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