T.H.E Interview – FIGURE


It is Halloween month, and we know of someone who particularly does something special this time every year.

Monsters series creator, Figure will be releasing the 6th volume of the annual horror movie inspired series. American born Josh Gard began the Monsters volumes back in 2010, showcasing a few tracks, later creating full length albums, which have now become tradition. Throughout the years Gard has been widely known for his aggressive, heavier music style, heavily inspired by the darker side of things. Going strong with 6 volumes, this year Figure is offering up a special digital box set featuring 60 classic Monsters song all the way from Volume 1 through to Volume 5. Including 6 brand new tracks. All this for just 6 bucks! Look out for it, out on 6th October, 6.66 special indeed. We got a chance to have a chat to Figure about the Monsters series and his plans for Halloween, among other things. Read our interview below! :)

T.H.E – Hi Josh, thank you for taking some time to do this interview. How are you and what have you been up to recently?

Figure – I’m doing great! Just enjoying traveling and playing gigs promoting all the new music! (Gravity and the soon to be release Monsters 6.66)

T.H.E – You’re onto your 6th installment of the Monsters series. Absolutely incredible! When you began the very first Monsters EP, did you decide there and then that you would produce one every year or did that notion happen over time?

Figure – I didn’t think there would be a second one, but for some reason called the first one a Volume. The next year came around and I was like .. ohhhh shit I gotta keep doing this every October .. true story.

T.H.E – We know that you’re heavily influenced by the darker stuff, especially by your love for the horror genre. In terms of the samples and sound design of Monsters, how do you shape your music around those themes?

Figure – I don’t really attempt to shape it in any way, it just comes together .. it’s whatever is in me .. which is normally a dark take on things.

T.H.E – You have featured many classic horror favourites in previous volumes. Do you think you will run out of monster stories to base your songs on?

Figure – No, there might be shortage in massive franchise monsters, but over the past couple Volumes I have made up monsters and people think they are from real movies. I.E the Giant Eyeball, The Center of Hell, and tracks like that. There is only one themed song on the new Monsters, all the other stuff is shit I created.

T.H.E – For Monsters Volume 6 have you collaborated with other artists? If so who?

Figure – Yes I did, Dakota, Midnight Tyrannosaurs, Brawler, and some other surprises :)

T.H.E – Which are your favourite tracks and/or remixes from the entire Monsters Collection thus far?

Figure – (pauses) I have no idea .. that’s like asking me what my favorite breath was. I love them all for different reasons!

T.H.E – Fans always look forward to Monsters, enjoying the heavy, aggressive sounds you are widely known for. But this year you have released “Gravity” which showcases another side to your sound and production. What has the reaction been like from fans?

Figure – The reaction has been so great, I’m really excited that people will take in stuff from me that’s not all super heavy.

T.H.E – What gigs have you got lined up coming soon? And what have you got planned for Halloween this year?

Figure – I have a whole tour that I’m on now, all the dates are on Tour.ImFigure.com. Halloween this year will be at Nightmare Fest , the day before is Freakfest.. we also just announced that I will be playing Decadence in Colorado the night before NYE, then I should have a NYE announcement online soon.. and some really amazing stuff in line for next year that I can’t wait to finalize and plan to announce.

T.H.E – Thanks a ton Josh! Cheers! :)

Image credit: OhDagYo Photography