T.H.E Interview – Timote & Winick

Timote & Winick interview

Hailing from the home of dance music – rising Dutch artists, Timote & Winick have quickly made their mark on the electronic music scene. We caught up with the duo, to discuss their new single ‘Dimension’

T.H.E – Guys, welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials! How are you both doing right now?

Timote & Winick – Thank you for this interview. We are doing really great. We are making music every day, working on our branding so that keeps us busy

T.H.E – We’re here to discuss your new single ‘Dimension’ – what’s the defining message behind the song?

Timote & Winick – With ‘Dimension’ we wanna tell all the people around the world that the easy path is not always the right one. Sometimes taking risks is healthy to develop yourself. With ‘Dimension’ we did that. Because this isn’t a style that we normally do. We enjoyed the process of it.

T.H.E – How long did the track take to produce, from initial idea to completion?

Timote & Winick – From start to finish, it took us a month. Normally, we are a bit faster but because this was a different style we also needed a whole different approach.

T.H.E – What’s the scene like in the Netherlands right now?

Timote & Winick – We have a lot of talent here in the Netherlands. But there is a lot of talent around the world. Right now, the scene in the Netherlands is overloaded with people who want to get in the music industry, so its really difficult to stand out – but we believe our sound is different and will inspire our fans.

T.H.E – With so much talent in your homeland, which Dutch artists inspire you the most?

Timote & Winick – For us Armin van Buuren is our biggest inspiration. We know he has a different style. But the way he acts is a perfect example how we wanna be.

T.H.E – Are you planning on any remixes for ‘Dimension’?

Timote & Winick – At the moment we don’t – but maybe in the future. We are always open to creativity from other producers.

T.H.E – And lastly, are there any other releases you currently have in the works?

Timote & Winick – We have a couple of collabs, originals and remixes – coming up. We love working on music so we stay busy and we stay focused.


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