T.H.E Interview – Vanillaz, Divolly & Markward

vanillaz interview

We caught up with Croatian duo, Vanillaz and Serbian artists Divolly & Markward – after a chance link-up led to their fire collaboration on ‘Ederlezi’ which live debuted on the Main stage at Ultra Europe earlier this year.

Here’s what went down!

T.H.E – Hey Vanillaz, Divolly & Markward! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials, how have your Summer seasons been so far?  

Vanillaz, Divolly & Markward – Hey, thank you so much for having us! Summer has been crazy so far for all of us. We have been touring a lot around Europe, Africa, and Asia. We can’t wait to continue the summer tour.

T.H.E – Congrats on your new track, ‘Ederlezi’ – is this the first time you’ve worked together?

Vanillaz, Divolly & Markward – Yeah, this is our first release together although we do have other collaborations that have never seen the light of day. This one is by far the most emotional and best track we have done together.

T.H.E – Were you able to get some time in the studio together, or did you work on the track remotely?

Vanillaz, Divolly & Markward – We finished this song together in Zagreb. Initially, it was all done remotely but then we met up to finish it because we knew it was something special.

T.H.E – Vanillaz, what’s your touring schedule like for the rest of the year?

Vanillaz – We have lots of shows coming up in Europe. We play Revelin Club in Dubrovnik on August 7th then we head to Central Club Split August 16th. We’re also planning some stuff out of Europe but we can’t discuss that into detail too much at the moment.

T.H.E – Divolly & Markward, How was it to play at Ultra Europe, for the first time & do you have any other live sets planned?

Divolly & Markward – It was amazing to play at Ultra Europe for the first time this year. We loved playing in Split and can’t wait to come back to Croatia. To see Vanillaz premiere our collaboration ‘Ederlezi‘, on the main stage was one of the biggest highlights for us – besides playing, of course!

T.H.E – Could you describe your signature sounds, in three words to us? 

Vanillaz – Dark Low Bass

Divolly & Markward – #PornGroove

T.H.E – Do you have any plans to collaborate again, at some stage in the future?

Vanillaz, Divolly & Markward – Absolutely yes! We have lots of stuff that we have done together and we are now planning our next moves.

T.H.E – And finally, what’s next for you all – across the remainder of 2019?

Vanillaz, Divolly & Markward – Lots of studio work and touring. We’re really excited about our futures!



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