T.H.E Interview – Wasback

Wasback interview

Alessandro AKA Wasback has achieved something extraordinary at merely 20 years old.

Being one of the most promising and talented individuals in the musical scene, he has already released music on some of the best international record labels.

We spoke to Wasback about dealing with pressure, and how he goes about preparing a track.

T.H.E – Hey Alessandro! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. 2019 has been great for you so far with some big releases on Revealed Recordings, and Dharma Worldwide. How pleased have you been with it so far?

Wasback – It has been an absolutely amazing experience to release on these two big labels this year! I’ve had a lot more listeners from these few releases as well as more people messaging/emailing me to support me and thank me for my music! It really drives me to continue doing what I love and am good at.

T.H.E – What attracted you to the big-room genre? Were there any artists who influenced this?

Wasback – The first artist to inspire me was actually not an EDM artist – it was Andrea Bocelli! My parents talked a lot about him when I was growing up and I’ve been listening to him ever since. After that, it was David Guetta who drove me into EDM. I always dreamed of becoming him one day so I started self-learning the production process. I really love his music and talent.

T.H.E – You’re only 20, and have received the support from some of the biggest artists in the scene. Does that add pressure whenever you sit in the studio, knowing that you are now expected to deliver hits after hits?

Wasback – I’ve always put pressure on myself when producing, but seeing some of the biggest artists in the scene like Tiësto, Hardwell, DVLM, and Afrojack supporting a few of my tracks, all I wanted to do was work harder, to try to come up with even more creative ideas and unique sounds! The support from these big artists has given me the drive and motivation I need to tell myself that I am on the right path!

T.H.E – How do you go about preparing a track? Which part of the track do you start with first?

Wasback – Most of the time, I go with the top line first, then the inspiration and main idea kick in after listening to the topline. If the song doesn’t have a topline, I just simply start from scratch. Sometimes just going for a walk in the mall, surfing the internet to look at different cities or childhood memories can be enough to spark an idea!

T.H.E – Your new single on Dharma – Cathedral, has received extensive support. How did the track come about, and how was it working with Jetfire and Reggio?

Wasback – It was really good, they are both really talented and I think the song is a perfect combination of our individual sounds! JETFIRE did an amazing job on the break, it fit really well with the overall atmosphere we were trying to achieve.

T.H.E – What are some of the toughest challenges you have faced so far?

Wasback – The toughest challenge I have faced throughout my career would be reaching out to do collaborations with the bigger vocalists and producers. Everyone tries to send demos to bigger DJs to try and set up collabs but I’d rather be able to have a studio session with more established artists. That way I can learn from their experience and exchange ideas so that something even more unique may come up!

T.H.E – What can you tell us about your plans for 2019?

Wasback – There are a few bits of exciting news that I will be announcing, both on shows and releases! I think you guys will be surprised that I might be changing up my style later this year when I release some new music. All I’m going to say is, stay tuned and be prepared for a surprise!


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