Truth x Lies Give Another Spin On AFROJACK’s Classic ‘Polkadots’

afrojack polkadots truth x lies

After the success of the Sven Fields and Chasner remix of ‘Polkadots’ it is now the turn for Truth x Lies to show us what they can do what the AFROJACK classic from 2009.

Obviously, the track lends itself extremely well for remixes and Truth x Lies are confirming this once again! Revamping it to their own original sound, while keeping the vibe of the original intact. A Job well done.

‘Polkadots’ by AFROJACK got first released in 2009 and afterwards was quickly labeled a classic within the EDM-scene. Truth x Lies recognized this and thought it was time to give their own spin on the track.

The Dynamic duo ‘Truth x Lies’ exists of Ian Bertles and Ryan Howard, who are the main power-engine behind the alter-ego. They produce with a heavy concept-driven approach. This way of working shines through in everything they do within the scene. Generating something fresh every time, which at the same time might sound like nostalgia. A perfect match for a ‘Polkadots’ remix one could say.

Striking a balance in all they do. This circles around back to their personas. As the truth can’t exist without lies. So to, do they balance between ‘old-school’ and ‘new-school’ as one can’t be present without the other.

Over the past two years, Truth x Lies comfortably nestled within the rising class of burgeoning Tech House producers. Their catalogue has amassed over 25 million streams across all music platforms. With the ‘Polkadots’ remix they strive to enhance those numbers. By releasing on WALL, the music label of world-renowned DJ and producer AFROJACK, they are sure to do so. It’s only a matter of time before you are able to spot these guys on one of the festivals in your area. Since they already invigorated crowds at stages like EDC Las Vegas, Beyond Wonderland and Electric Zoo.

This Truth x Lies remix is the missing link in the remix pack of the true Dutch House classic ‘Polkadots’. The duo is bringing groovy basslines and housey drums to all dancefloors and mainstages worldwide, now delivering a certified Tech House banger to AFROJACK’s WALL Recordings. Out June 16!


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