AL Riordan Releases New Single, “Burning Star”

al riordan burning star

Australian born and recent Berklee Grad, AL Riordan, an electronic singer-songwriter and producer has released her last single, “Burning Star,” off of her upcoming EP, “No”.

This single tells the story of AL’s previous relationships which inevitably led her to meet the person who raped her.

“Burning Star,” again encompasses AL’s incredible ability to make electronic music sound like a daydream. Her heartbreakingly beautiful voice and storytelling lyrics completely mesmerize the listener and gives them a safe place to escape to. With inspiration from artists like Imogen Heap and Kasey Musgraves, AL has crafted something truly indescribable out of a genuinely tragic and life-altering event that has the potential to touch many victims of assault and domestic violence.

Continuing a cathartic series of singles, “Burning Star” was written before AL’s violent assault with the intent of describing a past love that left her emotionally scarred. She includes three main characters in the track, her first love which is represented by the “burning star,” the second man she loved as the “moon” and her attacker as the “black hole”. Throughout the song she describes how the “burning star” left her scarred, the “moon” left her behind, and how the “black hole” swallowed her whole, leaving her feeling incomplete.

AL said: “After being raped, I felt like I had been swallowed by a black hole. Everything I knew had been taken away and spat out the instant it happened, and I had to somehow begin again with all the little shards and pieces.”

AL Riordan was born and raised in Australia and later moved to Boston to study Songwriting and Electronic Production Berklee College of Music. She began her musical career training as a classical vocalist, performing multiple times at the Sydney Opera House, but quit in order to pursue more modern forms of music-making. When AL first came to Boston she found herself with little vision of who she was but grew to become an Electronic Singer-Songwriter that produces and performs her music.


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