Alex O’Rion Unveils New Album, ‘Nostalgia’

alex o'rion nostalgia

Alex O’Rion’s new album, ‘Nostalgia’ is a magical trip that gives an insight into the roots of the Dutch progressive house artist.

Those who are fans of progressive house and other melodic genres will likely need no introduction to Alex, as he is a celebrated DJ who plays everywhere from South America to Australia. He is also an influential producer whose music has been released via respected outlets such as Lost & Found, SUDBEAT, Anjunadeep, Meanwhile and Movement.

‘Nostalgia’ comes via Alex O’Rion’s own imprint Solis Records, and although it’s not necessarily a club focused release, it’s still found support with DJs such as Bushwacka!, Jonas Rathsman, Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo.

There are also dance floor friendly elements inside of the dynamic percussion rhythms, deep basslines and soaring melodies of the tracks on this album, but it’s deeper than what some might expect from Alex O’Rion’s standard output via an EP, compilation or remix.

In a statement about the new album, Alex O’Rion’ said: “The album ‘Nostalgia’ gets its name because it reflects a sentiment that has grown stronger as I’ve aged. Fondly reminiscing about the music of a younger me, I often sense a certain soulfulness lacking in today’s electronic music. In an attempt to explore this feeling, I went on a bit of a self-reset and a touch of reinvention. This involved changing my usual routines and adopting some old-school methods, such as sampling beats and instruments from vintage vinyl records, blending them with my current sound. The album is intended to feel personal and intimate for my listeners. I aimed to create a moment of intimacy, as if they are listening to the songs alongside me while on their way home.”

It’s great to hear an album that isn’t just a load of dance floor tracks smashed together into what’s effectively just an extended EP. This is a very thought-out piece of music that has a beginning, middle, and end. There is enough variation that it keeps your attention, while also being laid back enough to let your imagination wonder, which is exactly what a good album should do.

Get your copy HERE.


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