Tomcraft’s “That Beat” Just Got A Deserved Remake By Airscape

tomcraft that beat airscape

Three decades ago, he emerged onto the trance and EDM scene, born in Belgium but Dutch by nationality.

Renowned for his vibrant trance productions and electrifying DJ sets, Johan Gielen has inspired colleagues and gained a dedicated fan base.

His journey began with singles like ‘Cruising’ & ‘L’esperanza’ as Airscape in the late ’90s, captivating audiences with uplifting sounds.

Airscape’s legacy continues with a rich discography of releases and remixes including iconic tracks like Delirium’s “Silence” and Safri Duo’s “Played-A-Live.”

For nearly 30 years, Airscape has evolved, blending trance, progressive, and techno influences while keeping its unique style intact. Recent tracks like “Invincible” feat. Sarah Anglionin, “Satellites” feat. Shakespeakers and “Love From Above” showcase Airscape’s refreshed sound, suitable for both upbeat moments and self-reflection. Johan’s exploration will guide Airscape towards more energetic, festival-friendly sounds while staying true to its essence. Committed to remixing only the best records, Johan Gielen ensures his fans each one gets the special Airscape treatment it deserves.

With that being said, Johan Gielen has just infused “That Beat” by Tomcraft with his signature Airscape sound, creating an engaging version. A perfect mixture of strong basslines, uplifting melodies, and an irresistible rhythm will keep people dancing for hours. Johan said, “I wanted to make a remix that combined energy and melody, appealing to different listeners.” Did he succeed in doing so? His fellow artists and those who’ve already heard it are impressed with the outcome. So go ahead, check it out on one of the streaming platforms, and try to argue it’s not catchy and perfect for this summer. “That Beat” is now available here:


01. Tomcraft – That Beat (Airscape Remix)
02. Tomcraft – That Beat (Airscape Extended Remix)

Learn more about Johan Gielen and Airscape below:

Johan Gielen: Instagram Facebook Soundcloud Spotify
Airscape: Spotify
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