Amsterdam Enhanced 2017, Mixed by Noah Neiman

Amsterdam Enhanced

As the Summer months roll to a close, attention from main-stages & festivals across the globe shift focus to Amsterdam’s cobbled streets as the world’s Dance industry converges in Holland for its annual celebration – representing Enhanced’s global roster this year, American Noah Neiman brings a bustling selection of cuts freshly picked from Enhanced Recordings’ recent output in ‘Amsterdam Enhanced 2017, Mixed by Noah Neiman’.

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In a year that’s seen Enhanced Recordings recently reach a pivotal 300th release and with it celebrate Tritonal’s sensational new single ‘Good Thing’ which features here alongside Tritonal’s exceptionally successful ‘Hung Up’, Enhanced’s very own Noah Neiman has cherry-picked a comprehensive selection from the label’s consistent stable of artists, from regulars like; BRKLYN, APEK, Shanahan, WildOnes, Disco Fries & Noah himself to exciting new producers including; Savi, LEVV, Andy Bianchini, Lema, Arcando & Anki.

‘Amsterdam Enhanced 2017, Mixed by Noah Neiman’ once again delivers Enhanced’s world renowned sound in one of its longest running compilation series.


1. Tritonal feat. Laurell – Good Thing
2. Disco Fries feat. Great Good Fine OK – Moving On
3. WildOnes, Milana May – One Love
4. LEVV – Collateral Damage (Tritonal Remix)
5. Disco Fries feat. Jared Lee – Reckless
6. Corderoy – Touch Your Face
7. Andy Bianchini – Gotta Know
8. Ost & Meyer & Stage Rockers – Make It High
9. Noah Neiman – Make It So Good
10. 7 Skies – Once Upon A Time
11. BRKLYN feat. Mariah McManus – Heart Of The City (Myon Signature Remix)
12. Tritonal + Sj feat. Emma Gatsby – Hung Up (Cuebrick Remix)
13. Shanahan feat. Ruby Prophet – Wasting Time
14. Noah Neiman x Jay Bombay feat. Laci Kay – Long Way Home (Noah Neiman vs. Culture Code Remix)
15. Lema – King
16. APEK & MAXR feat. Denny White Crawl
17. BRKLYN feat. Jocelyn Alice – I’m On Somethin’
18. HARIZ – OVRBRD (Zookëper Remix)
19. Arcando feat. MenEnd – Is It Possible
20. No Way Back feat. Sophia Black – Minute (Joe Maz Remix)
21. APEK feat. Stassi – Supernatural
22. Savi feat. Ida da Silva – Losin’ Myself
23. Xavi, XOVOX feat. Olivia – Yellow Brick Road
24. Anki feat. Micah Martin – All Alone
25. Noah Neiman feat. Laci Kay – Hold On To Love


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