Arlow & CRVN Unveil Future Bass Single “Leave Us Behind”

arlow leave us behind

Months after making his Monstercat debut, Dutch prodigy Arlow returned to the label today, accompanied by singer-songwriter CRVN for their collaborative single, “Leave Us Behind.”

CRVN’s soothing vocals and emotional lyrics tell a story of longing for something that once was. The energetic synth stabs and crisp percussion in the drop breathe vibrant, upbeat energy into the emotional record.

Despite the challenges one might face in a relationship, “Leave Us Behind” reminds listeners that some things are worth fighting for.

Arlow shares, “‘Leave Us Behind’ is definitely a special one for me. The process of making this took so long, but it was for sure worth it.”

CRVN adds, “Keep your friends close, and don’t give a damn about your enemies.”


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