Our favourites from Armada Music’s “Trance Top 1000” playlist

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2018 is almost coming to an end! This means a lot of compilations, year-end polls, countdowns, and a lot more things are coming our way. It’s one of the few fun things to look forward to as we bid adieu to the year. It also acts as the perfect thing to listen to while one sits back and reminisces about the year that just went by. After all, music does hold a lot of importance and is attached to some of the biggest memories we hold in our lives!

This year was absolutely great for us! We created some wonderful memories throughout this entire season. Playing partner in crime with us for most of them was the reputed Armada Music. They gave us the chance to hijack their famed “Trance Top 1000” playlist and pick our favorites. Well, it was quite a daunting task to pick our favorites considering all the wonderful tracks that have been released over the years, but after a lot of scrutinizing and screening, we managed to pick the ones that made it for us!

Do check out our favourites from the Trance Top 1000 list this year and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Access the playlist here.

trance top 1000 list

Shivani Murthy

Content Writer | Trance News & Editorials at T.H.E - Music Essentials
Shivani Murthy lives and breathes music. What started off as a passion grew into something she ended up pursuing. She currently develops content for T.H.E Music Essentials and also overlooks the PR and Media for Enchanted Valley Carnival. A huge trance and techno music buff, she has had the opportunity to work with multiple artists and premier music festivals
Shivani Murthy

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