Arpit Arora Revolutionizes Techno With “Cute Chick With Braces” – A Fusion Of 303 And Industrial Vibes

arpit arora cute chick with braces

New Delhi’s underground music scene is about to be set ablaze with the release of Arpit Arora’s latest track, “Cute Chick with Braces”, slated to drop on December 15, 2023.

This track promises to be a thrilling ride through the realms of 303 sounds fused with the energy of industrial techno.

With an infusion of old-school synth and rapid beats, “Cute Chick with Braces” is an ode to the classic Berlin Industrial and 90s acid techno vibes. Arpit Arora, a master at blending genres, invites his audience to dive into a world where each beat is a story, each progression a journey. The track unfolds with furious reverberated claps, dark synths, and an elegance brought alive through bouncing acid keys. This release is not just a song; it’s a narrative that showcases Arpit’s proficiency in creating a diverse techno landscape.

Arpit Arora, a Delhi-based techno artist, is no stranger to the underground scene. Influenced heavily by Acid Sounds and inspired by techno giants like 999999999, Kobosil, Amelie Lens, and Boston 168, Arpit’s music is a wild ride through hard and heavy techno beats. His journey from a rapper in the hip-hop scene to a techno maestro is a testament to his evolving artistry and deep connection with music.

After honing his skills in sound engineering in Bangalore, Arpit returned to New Delhi in 2016, immersing himself in DJing, live gigs, and music production. Since then, he has been a regular feature in the techno nights of the city, acting as a conduit between India’s burgeoning underground scene and the global techno community.

“Cute Chick with Braces” is more than just another track; it’s an exploration of Arpit Arora’s mind. The track is laced with oscillating reverbs, dark pads, and hard-hitting kicks, each element meticulously crafted to take the listener on a transcendental journey through sound. This release stands as a diverse representation of Arpit’s command over techno, spotlighting his ability to weave intricate sounds into a coherent and mesmerizing auditory experience.

As Arpit Arora continues to shape the soundscape of India’s techno scene, “Cute Chick with Braces” is a bold statement of his vision and skill. With this track, Arpit is not just releasing music; he is redefining the boundaries of sonic exploration in the underground dance music scene.

Get ready to experience “Cute Chick with Braces” – a track that is set to redefine techno and leave an indelible mark on the music industry.


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