Bakermat Unveils Highly Anticipated Album ‘The Spirit’

bakermat the spirit

Catering to old-school funk fans and new-age house heads alike, Bakermat is a one-of-a-kind producer with an unmatched energy. On a mission to uplift and unite through unsuspecting genre crossovers, the Amsterdam artist returns with his 2nd studio album ‘The Spirit’. Following the Billboard-acclaimed lead single “Ain’t Nobody,” the highly-anticipated LP is out for release Friday, June 18 via Ultra Music.

Combining musical elements that span across the entire sound spectrum, Bakermat taps into unassuming genres to define his signature sound. Raised in a music-centric home by an opera singing mother and jazz enthusiast father, Bakermat’s formative years were spent gathering inspiration from some of music’s most pure sounds.

The genesis of his career came to fruition in 2012 with the release of his single “One Day (Vandaag)” which sent a tidal wave through the dance music landscape topping charts and accumulating over 100M streams.

Since his impressive debut, Bakermat has garnered a towering fan base dedicated to his upbeat, funky-fresh, and inventive sound-design. A force both on-stage and in the studio, Bakermat’s live sets are a sight to behold.

In recent years, the musical genius has hosted his own circus events in London, Paris, New York, and Rio de Janeiro and is a regular mainstay at festivals like Tomorrowland, Airbeat One Festival, and other big-league festivals from across the globe.

An artist and performer for music fans from all walks of life, Bakermat is a creator for modern culture. A Billboard-celebrated artist with an expansive catalog under his belt, Bakermat takes to 2021 to add to his repertoire with his sophomore studio album aptly titled The Spirit.

The lead single “Ain’t Nobody,” featuring gospel luminary LaShun Pace was a delectable house-infused single that garnered the attention of tastemakers like Billboard Dance, 1883 Magazine, and MTV. At the heels of a successful album launch, ‘The Spirit’ is expected to take Bakermat to new heights as he grooves through Sunday Service with an electrifying swing in his step.

“I wanted to go back to the roots with this album. Combining gospel, soul and folk samples with uplifting pianos and saxophones to create a collection of feel good songs perfect for the summer. The diversity in styles and genres is high and I experimented with elements of classical music and spoken word too. I hope this album can serve as a soundtrack for road trips, holidays and other fun times with friends and family. And lastly, I hope it inspires and connects people.” -Bakermat


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