Bassrush Drops Diverse Multi-Genre 10-Track Bass Music Compilation Album ‘The Prophecy Volume 9’

bassrush the prophecy volume 9

Bassrush Records continues its dominance with a fresh installment of their ‘Prophecy’ compilation series.

Volume 9 is one of their most balanced and diverse offerings yet with sounds ranging from dubstep to trap, DnB, experimental bass, and beyond. The impeccable project features heavy-hitters and rising stars alike with new music from Quackson, RZRKT, DMVU, Dr Ushuu, Natty Lou, Don Jamal, and more.

Leading the charge comes Seattle-based producer Quackson making his debut on the label with “Ignorant.” The lead single sets the tone with a brutish barrage of bass. His cinematic style leads the opening but quickly intensifies with pitched-up vocal loops and a mind-melting cartoony edge. The wonky dubstep groove is equipped with sharp trap drums, slashing metallic percussion, and a squawking, rubbery synth lead that morphs through various incarnations. Finding the perfect balance between inventive and straight-up banging, the talented producer crafts an instant festival banger. Quackson was named one of the ‘Artists To Watch’ by YourEDM in 2019 and has continued to live up to the title with his breakout single “Gyrate” breaking into Billboard Dance while amassing 5.5 million streams to date.

Quackson reflects on the new approach to the track saying, “‘Ignorant’ is exactly as the title suggests and is a bass-heavy, dancefloor banger. I wanted to step away from my more cinematic midtempo sound and make something with clubs, festivals, and raves in mind, and that’s guaranteed to pop off in a live setting. After playing this in multiple sets and hearing other DJs play it, I can confidently say it passes the test.”

Vastive and RZRKT join forces to spawn a dark and bloodthirsty shapeshifter. The eerie backdrop conjures imagery of a fog-laden graveyard while the vocals deepen the darkness with an approachable delivery. Switching course, the vocals transform into vicious screams with monstrous sound design layered below. From there, it’s a headfirst dive in the malignant massacre that characterizes the devastating drops. Despite its title, “Feel Alive” is a ruthless beast on a path of merciless destruction.

Vastive explains how the collab came together: “RZRKT and I had been wanting to work for quite a while now. We’ve had a few ideas in the past but when he sent me the demo for this track in particular, we knew it was the one to latch on to. Lyrically, I was inspired by where we are in life right now. This past year, we’ve been debuting all across the country. I just quit my day job earlier in March, and I know Bryan works full-time now, as well. It’s about facing your fears and embracing the jump regardless of how you feel, as well as a head nod to what it took to get here. This song blends soft atmospheric textures with high energetic drops that greatly showcases our love and power of what we do. I hope you guys can resonate with this song and help push you to the next chapter in your life.”

Switching the scene comes a deep dubstep anthem from DMVU and Tsimba. “Dip” brings the best out of both artists, building upon a gritty hip-hop backbone and exploring exhilarating realms of 140. The infectious yet violent rap bars anchor the track, getting looped and bent with precision. From the stripped-back breakbeats and chunky drum programming to the minimal yet booming drops, the pair prove to be the perfect match. The groove never stagnates, constantly evolving with retooled call-and-response, fresh instrumentation, and the sound design skills that will make heads go boom. DMVU and Tsimba expertly bridge the gap between dubstep’s origins and its more experimental sensibilities, resulting into one filthy heater.

Tsimba breaks down how the track came to life: “I uploaded a clip of the tune to my Instagram story and Matt [DMVU] replied, saying ‘Let me know if you have trouble finishing this one.’ I sent him the stems within the hour. I learned a lot from him as we were sending the project back and forth. I’m a huge fan of Matt as a producer and as a person, so I was honored to get to work with him and I’m extremely happy with the result.”

Bringing the album into an alternate dimension is Alienpark’s “ONE.” The track plays like an alien invasion that takes no prisoners. Massive synths build intensity while the drops score the intergalactic devastation. Carefully curated samples bring the track back down to earth while futuristic sound design and sci-fi-inspired soundscapes inject an otherworldly essence. The snappy percussion, exceptional use of space, and pitched-down narration round out the thematic dubstep smash.

Alienpark touches on the hype built up around the track already, saying: ‘ONE’ is a track I’ve seen a crazy amount of love on since Excision first played it out and has been since. I’ve gotten tons of requests for the song to be released and it’s the most requested song from my Lost Lands mix and I’m thrilled to get this track out as my first release of 2024! I haven’t released many trap songs, so to expand my discography and have it as my first release on Bassrush is the cherry on top!

Primed for festivals, Dr. Ushūu and ROI OS’ “Dubstar” is a stage-destroyer that’s as addictive as it is heavy. Driving drums and a simple but impactful vocal loop make the heater feel instantly recognizable. Combining wonky low-end with precision percussion and an anthemic synth melody proves to be the perfect contrast. Draped in tribal undertones and packing an undeniable bounce, this low-slung cut is guaranteed to set crowds ablaze every time it drops.

UK-based Natty Lou mixes nostalgia, unbridled emotion, and high-energy drum and bass for a euphoric trip on “Crazy Love.” The emotive vocals pull listeners in with love-struck lyrics and a timeless delivery, while retro synths drift below to create an ‘80s-inspired aesthetic. The bubbling intensity will have listeners losing control and dancing with fervor as the energetic DnB drops shift the track into overdrive. “Crazy Love” harnesses the intensity of an action flick and the feel-good fun of a heartwarming rom-com.

Natty Lou opens up about the inspiration behind her latest offering, saying, “‘Crazy Love’ is a high-energy drum and bass track which seamlessly blends powerful and emotive vocals with infectious melodic beats. With every note, the song captures the essence of being ‘madly in love,’ expressing the intensity, obsession, and unbridled devotion that defines this powerful emotion. The melodies capture the essence of these intense emotions, making it a must-listen!”

West Coast producer ION offers up another genre-bending ride with the nasty “Target System.” The core of the track draws inspiration from gritty golden-era rap, from the street tales in the bars to the head-bopping melodies that throw it back. As the drums build and the vocals are filtered, it transforms into a futuristic experimental bass banger riddled with laser-like synths and ultramodern sound design. The juxtaposition of the familiar rap roots and inventive bass-laden shifts makes for a sinister sonic offering.

ION breaks down what brought his latest creation to life: “‘Target System’ was purely inspired by California and the West Coast! I wanted to give the listener a real, straight-forward and urban vibe of how we do it out here in the West. I spent a lot of time working on this track during my travels with about 85 percent of it written on the road. I really tried to embody those West Coast vibes with the intention to represent California and bring those vibes to every show this track is dropped at!”

The ever-mysterious Ghost In Real Life makes her debut on Bassrush with the creepy roller “Stuck In Purgatory.” The echoing vocals conjure images of a horror scene on the horizon while uneasy guitars and occult undertones drive the unease even deeper. Just when it feels like it may end in bloodshed, Ghost In Real Life allows the track to explode into a spirited DnB display. The fast-paced switch-up provides the perfect balance to the anticipatory apprehensiveness that lingers throughout.

Boulder-based rising star Don Jamal continues his takeover of the bass scene with the filthy new original “UP!” The stripped-down introduction allows the track to gradually build as the cornerstone vocal sample slowly drifts in. The drops are a wonky, mind-melting barrage of insane sound design, crunchy low-end, panning bells, pitched vox, and a myriad of brain-tickling ear candy. It’s a DJ weapon that’s as deadly as it is addictive.

Don Jamal speaks on the vision he had when constructing the track: “The release initially came about when I was messing about with the synth plug-in Vital, in an attempt to recreate different sound design. As you can probably tell, a big inspiration for this track was none other than Hamdi, so I attempted to add my own knowledge and my own twist. At first, I wasn’t too happy with the outcome, but with time and a couple more drafts, it sat just right. The goal was to create a club banger that is fun to play at shows!”

Capping things off the same way it started, Bemah delivers a bass-heavy banger. “Right Of The Bat” sees the Baltimore-based producer unearthing a half-time heater that’s ripe for the taking. Shifty drums punch beneath rich, futuristic soundscapes that intensify at each turn. Fusing catchy and punchy rap samples with filthy distortion, snapping percussion, and chest-rumbling low-end, “Right Of The Bat” bangs from front to back, proving why Bemah belongs on everyone’s radar.

Breaking down how the song came to be, Bemah explains: “To start the year, I challenged myself to make a new beat everyday of January. ‘Right off the Bat’ was a product of the ninth day in the challenge. When I made the first sketch of the idea, I was hooked and knew it needed a proper release. That day, my inspiration was to make something hype and high energy that I could see being played at festivals. The vocal complemented by the heavy bass design in the drop worked well to achieve that energy. To contrast the drops, I wanted to create more of a vibe in the intro and breakdown sections that allured something was coming but felt more interesting than your typical build. I have been playing this song out at shows and festivals all year and it always gets a great crowd response. I’m so happy to finally be releasing it to the world.”

‘The Prophecy: Volume 9’ cements Bassrush’s status at the forefront of the bass scene, highlighting some of the greatest rising stars and transcending genres.

‘The Prophecy: Volume 9’ is available on all platforms via Bassrush Records.


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