Ben Böhmer unveils new single on Anjunadeep – Ground Control

Ben Böhmer Ground Control

German producer Ben Böhmer has released a fresh track and returns to Anjunadeep with “Ground Control”.

The intense production from Ben also receives a remix from the US producer John Tejada – providing a better experience of the track for music-thirsty ears.

Opening in a dark fashion with a deep bassline, the track is set to suck you into its intense vibe. Using elements of transition that are subtle, the artist gently ups the ante as he ventures towards the brighter chord progressions. Crisp and luscious in its texture, the track’s richness is complemented by the use of melodic elements that play their part in the background. With the interlude being led by soothing piano works, the track exudes its emotive side as well. A perfect fit for the Anjunadeep vibe!

The US producer Tejada gives the track a stronger opening with crisp percussions. The track also makes use of the melodic elements from the original as it ventures towards some creative, dynamic progressions. Clearly giving the listener a feeling totally intimate, the track will soothe your mind.

Ben has earned a name for himself with his unique pieces of production. Having learned the piano at a young age, which he largely uses even today in his music, the artist always showed a strong affinity for music. With multiples EPs coming in the form of Black Pattern, The Blender, Promise You and many more, the artist has portrayed his works that have entertained a global audience.

Having performed at many revered events like the Distortion Festival, Habitat Festival and also the Tomorrowland festival, the artist is a sought-out performer. This has led him to play in many countries which include the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain, and India. He is now set to tour North America, alongside Andrew Bayer with stops at Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Calgary.

What do you think of this well-crafted track? Let us know below. Download the track here.

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