Betty Moon – Sound (Remixes)

Betty Moon

L.A based singer and songwriter, Betty Moon, originally hailing from Toronto, Canada, released the first single, Sound, from her forthcoming album back in February.

Fast-forward to now, Sound has received remix treatments from three well respected artists, Mahalo, Ganberg and Loud N’ Killer. The original is a delight fusion of pop and electronica, which is accompanied by the alluring vocals of Betty Moon, guided by catchy memorable lyrics.

First up on the remix E.P, is an astounding translation to the world of future house from Mahalo, who drives Betty’s vocals with a lush chord progression which is advised from the authentic sound that is a piano. These elements then ascend into a spirited drop, galvanised by the dynamics of the drums and the coercion of the bass, awarding its place in a club habitat. On the follow up is Loud N’ Killers rendition of Sound, fusing the melodic and raw borders of trap, escorting the vocals through an array of lavish synths, only to build-up into a ferocious drop, impelled by an 808-drum overseen by modulated stabs and crisp leads. Loud N’ Killers have assuredly implemented the synthesis strongly. Last, but most certainly not least, is Ganbergs flourish deep house depiction of Sound, which strives with a beautiful melodic structure, which is later marginalised by the cut-throat intensity from the deep basslines and profound drums governed by a multitude of vocal chops to insure its groove. Sound Remixes is out now for free download so make sure you grab your copy!


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