Biscits And Camden Cox Unite On Pleasure-Seeking House Collaboration “365”

biscits 365

UK house don Biscits has established himself a staple on the Insomniac Records catalog by offering up a slew of his some of his most club-focused efforts.

Teaming up with another familiar face on the label, London’s singer-songwriter and producer Camden Cox, the two talents are joining forces for their rollicking collaborative release entitled “365.”

Biscits and Camden Cox achieve perfect harmony on their new single together. Channeling the endless pursuit of pleasure, “365” finds them concocting an unapologetic burst of straight-up dancefloor hedonism. Camden’s sultry vocals reference both a steamy love affair, while simultaneously lending themselves to the thrills of a year-around party marathon. Her lush, effortless musings are wrapped around an irresistible tech house pulse. Shuffling drums and string crescendos are propelled into a bassline-driven groove that stimulates the pleasure nodes via its plucky bassline and scampering synth flourishes.

Biscits says “365” is the result of the pair locking in studio time together earlier this year, riffing on the hypothetical of what it would be like to go feral on the dancefloor nonstop around the clock.

“I had some time off of touring back in March, and after ages of trying we managed to get in a room [together] with Camden,” says Biscits. “It was totally worth the wait—I think she came up with the vocal hook in the space of about 30 minutes. I think we were joking about the thought of partying for 365 days solid and how intense it would be… I wouldn’t last a single night myself, to be fair!”

Camden sheds light on the uninhibited revelry that led to the infectious lyrics, saying, “‘365’ is inspired by feeling free in Amsterdam. Running around with the person you fancy, smoking, getting high, just living in the moment… and how you wish you could live like that every day!”

Knowing exactly the right buttons to push to make the crowds go crazy, Biscits has looked towards Insomniac Records as the home for his tracks that pack more of an immediate, pulse-raising appeal. “Don’t Stop” landed on Insomniac Records back in April, a certified banger that was explicitly engineered to take his sets to the next level for the current festival season. Meanwhile, the preceding “Locco” saw him sprinkling in a salsa flavor and Latin vocal to similar sweat-inducing effects, amassing more than 7.5 million streams to date.

Coming off the back of a particularly stacked festival season that saw him throwing down sets at renowned festivals like EDC Vegas, things don’t look to slow down anytime soon. He’s locked in for upcoming gigs all around the world, including Insomniac’s longest standing gathering Nocturnal Wonderland in SoCal this weekend, the Amsterdam Dance Event, as well as dates in Australia and on his home turf in the UK.

Coming into her own, Camden Cox is a multifaceted musician and performer who’s rise has been impossible to ignore. The Londoner has graced the Insomniac catalog twice in the last year, debuting with the mighty Miane on the moody single “Fears In The Fire,” followed by another brooding offering that arrived in the form her “Pouring Rain” collab alongside GUZ. The hype surrounding the releases led to a live set at this year’s EDC Las Vegas during the Insomniac Records pre-party hosted at Camp EDC, in addition to a performance at the Day Trip In The Park summer series in June. Beyond the several collaborations on Insomniac Records under her belt, she’s worked alongside names like John Summit, Vintage Culture, Eli & Fur, Anabel Englund, deadmau5, and Solardo.

Biscits and Camden Cox’s new single “365” is available on all platforms via Insomniac Records.


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