Bishu Unveils New Single, ‘MISS U’

bishu miss you

Bishu is falling back into his former self on his latest single, “MISS U,” a velvety piano-driven house track that spills its emotions out as part of the ninth season of releases on NIGHTMODE.

As someone who spends significant time in the public’s eye, there are a lot of easy observations to be made about the Canadian sensation Bishu.

For starters, the Nova Scotia-based producer—born Drew Campell—was a teenage prodigy when he first stepped out onto the dance music scene, finding his way into the limelight before his frontal lobe fully developed.

His success continued to blossom in respect to his growing age, continually adding new influences to his identity by weaving between trap, dubstep, future bass, electropop, and drum & bass. In more recent developments, he started to moonlight as a content creator who allows his larger-than-life personality to shine on Twitch livestreams and a ballooning YouTube channel centered around insightful (and oftentimes playful) music production tips and tricks.

Even though his life is on constant display, what’s not readily known is the fact that he’s been itching to find his way back home in the house music scene. And he’s chosen his new standalone single on NIGHTMODE to serve as the first step on that journey.

“MISS U” is equal parts sentimental and sincere, sharing a message about love and longing without ever coming across as generously sugarcoated. The vocal croons are drizzled with affection, revolving around the universal sensation of feeling incomplete when that special someone is more than an arm’s length away.

Warm piano stabs are a perfect match for the main vocal hook, which hold their connection amid bubbling basslines, shuffling drums, sharp intermittent violin flourishes, and atonal synth riffs adding a unique layer that lets the listener know Bishu is the one pulling the strings here.

“This song began with me wanting to venture more into house music. House and 4/4 music were actually the style I started with years ago, so it’s wild to be making it again after such a long break. This song is really about me retuning to my roots as a fan and writing for myself and is part of a new chapter in my musical arc where I explore how I got to where I am now and what influenced my growth as a creator and artist. I haven’t released music in this style yet as Bishu and couldn’t be happier to be doing it with NIGHTMODE.”–Bishu


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