High-Tech Minimal Mastermind Boris Brejcha Releases 10th Studio Album ‘Level One’

boris brejcha level one

Renowned German producer and DJ Boris Brejcha (also known as the Joker) is gearing up to drop his highly anticipated 9th album ‘Level One’, out April 19th via his own label Fckng Serious.

The LP will feature a total of 17 tracks alongside 3 extended versions of previously released edits. With his upcoming studio project, Brejcha provides a captivating blend of familiar and nostalgic sounds, promising an introspective journey through his artistic career. Through these works, the sound sculptor invites fans to embark on a musical voyage merging past and present, celebrating the evolution of his craft and global success.

Brejcha shares, “Level One demonstrates my ability to find a delicate balance between my classic sound and my evolving musical direction. Creating an album posed the challenge of blending the familiar with the new. I believe I have successfully navigated this artistic journey.”

‘Level One’ isn’t just a title. For the music architect, it symbolizes a fresh start, reconnecting with his musical roots while highlighting his growth as an artist. Through this title, Brejcha invites listeners to join him on a journey of rediscovery and artistic transcendence, marking a significant chapter in his musical evolution. Featuring the powerful previously released debut single ‘Miracle’ ft. Leony, Level One embarks on a diverse sonic odyssey over its 17 tracks, weaving through various genres and atmospheres while maintaining a cohesive thread of exploration.

The introductory track, ‘Level One (Intro)’ sets the interstellar tone, evolving into an addictive house beat infused with sci-fi elements, fostering anticipation and depth. On ‘Ice Cave’, the beatmaker crafts spaciousness and shimmer with reverb and delay effects, while aggressive synth stabs and rumbling basslines define its dark techno vibe. ‘Space X’ introduces ominous horns and robotic vocals, transitioning into a pensive and buoyant sonic journey. With ‘Dimension’, Brejcha establishes a hypnotic pulsation akin to flowing light, with a mesmerizing beat evoking movement and illumination. ‘Message in a Bottle’ feat. Ginger fuses driving beats and wobbly basslines with Ginger’s vocalization, creating dynamic interplay, while ‘Wormhole’ delivers an uptempo beat characterized by jittery oscillations culminating in a crescendo of layers. Together, Level One delivers a singluar sonic experience.

Among the various aspects of the album release, one notable feature consistently emerges: the captivating landscapes of Iceland grace several covers, music videos, and animations. These striking and almost surreal visuals were captured during the filming of the single ‘Space X’, available on Brejcha’s YouTube channel. Iceland was deliberately selected as a filming location for some covers, as Brejcha explains, “As a symbol of new beginnings and fresh starts, Iceland provides the perfect backdrop for my musical exploration. These visual elements enrich the immersive experience of the album, inviting listeners to delve deeper into the world I’ve crafted through my music.”

Since 2022, Boris Brejcha has been consistently releasing music under his own label, Fckng Serious. In 2023, he offered a sneak peek into his upcoming album through singles like ‘Level One’, ‘Space X’, ‘Vienna’, and ‘Dimension’, providing listeners with a taste of the album’s diversity. As the new year unfolded, anticipation grew with previews of what’s to come, including notable collaborations with singers such as Malena Narvay and German television star Leony. Amidst this flurry of activity, Brejcha has also been busy on the performance circuit, embarking on a bus tour across North America with his entire label and gracing the stages of prestigious festivals like Coachella, Tomorrowland, and EDC Las Vegas. Notably, he introduced his own concert format globally last year, setting the stage for another extraordinary concert experience with numerous highlights on the Another Dimension Tour in 2024 in Europe and across North America.

Boris Brejcha’s debut performance came at Brazil’s Universo Paralello Festival in 2006, where he donned his iconic Joker mask, inspired by Brazilian Carnival. His unique blend of music, dubbed “High-Tech-Minimal,” quickly gained international acclaim, leading to releases on Autist Records and Harthouse. Establishing his own label, Fckng Serious, in 2015 propelled him to even greater heights, with breakthrough performances on platforms like Cercle and Tomorrowland garnering millions of views. Today, Brejcha is a fixture on the global music scene, captivating audiences with his trademark sound and innovative concert concepts. Alongside his music, his fashion brand and personalized squeaky ducks have also gained widespread recognition. With his tenth studio album released on Ultra Music and a strong showing in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs, Brejcha continues to dominate stages worldwide, proving that the future is indeed Fckng Serious.

‘Level One’ marks a pivotal moment in Boris Brejcha’s musical journey. Out April 19th via his label imprint Fcking Serious, listeners can expect a dynamic fusion of contemporary tracks, reflecting his current style, intertwined with new compositions that pay homage to his earlier periods as the Joker. It’s a captivating signature blend highlighting the mixmaster’s evolution as an artist while staying true to his roots. Experience the album live this year via his 2024 Another Dimension Tour taking over North America, Asia, and Europe tours beginning in May- tickets here.


Disc 1
01 Boris Brejcha – Level One (Intro Edit)
02 Boris Brejcha – Ice Cave
03 Boris Brejcha – Space X (Edit)
04 Boris Brejcha – Dimension
05 Boris Brejcha – Message In A Bottle (feat. Ginger)
06 Boris Brejcha – One Paradise
07 Boris Brejcha – Terminal Zero
08 Boris Brejcha – Sleeping World
09 Boris Brejcha – Rave City (feat. Ginger)
10 Boris Brejcha – Vienna (feat. Malena Narvay) (Edit)
11 Boris Brejcha – Wormhole
12 Boris Brejcha – Anything Else
13 Boris Brejcha – Milky Way
14 Boris Brejcha – Universe Of Love
15 Boris Brejcha – Miracle (feat. Leony) (Edit)
16 Boris Brejcha – End Of Time
17 Boris Brejcha – Atlantis

Disc 2
01 Boris Brejcha – Space X
02 Boris Brejcha – Vienna (feat. Malena Narvay)
03 Boris Brejcha – Miracle (feat. Leony)


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