Boris Brejcha Releases Otherwordly Single And Cinematic Music Video For ‘Space X’


German-born DJ, producer, and Fckng Serious label founder Boris Brejcha is back after the success of his single ‘Level One’ in April, to finally unveil a track that his fans have been waiting for: ‘Space X’.

Following Brejcha’s 2021 performance at Elon Musk’s Gigafactory Rave in Berlin, as well as the accompanying music video featuring scenes from what looks like another planet, the track title is only fitting.

Boris Brejcha’s latest single aims to take listeners to what sounds like the creation of a new and untouched planet. The distinct arpeggiating chord progression, ethereal melody, and deeper synth hits are all layered with robotic vocals that repeat, “Welcome to Space X”. The song gradually builds and results in a dramatic melodic-techno journey that perfectly portrays the internationally-renowned producer’s unique sound design.

This idea of exploring a new planet is supported by the accompanying exclusive music video which showcases Brejcha’s talent not only as a musical producer but as a creative director. Boris and his friends spent four days in Iceland, specifically for this music video, exploring unique landscapes and diving into what it means to be in an unfamiliar world. A few weeks before the release of the music video and single, fans got an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of this serene location- which is historically recognized as where early scientists practiced for the moon landing and robots were tested for the current Mars mission. Remote backdrops, alabaster snowfall, and giant cascading rocks all provide incredibly beautiful imagery to accompany the one-of-a-kind project that is ‘Space X’.

Boris Brejcha is no stranger to standing out, as the outside-the-box artist is seen wearing his widely recognizable mask during every performance. His recorded sets with French streaming channel Cercle and his set from the incomparable electro festival, Tomorrowland, have amassed over 140 million views on YouTube alone. Brejcha has further caught over 1.6 million monthly Spotify listeners through his uniqueness and eye for innovation. In addition to his studio success, things are also going well for the tastemaker on the road. Following a successful tour start in Europe, the legendary Fckng Serious Bus Tour took place in North America in April- including performances at the world-famous Coachella festival, Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, the main stage at EDC Las Vegas, and the legendary Palacio de los Reportes in Mexico City. Brejcha’s 2023 performance calendar is packed with shows and festivals worldwide, as well as his world-renowned “In Concert” shows.

Tour Dates

JUN 22 THU Fckng Serious Label Party, Tel Aviv, Israel
JUN 23 FRI Boris Brejcha in Concert, Vösendorf, Austria
JUN 24 SAT ZOA City, Glattbrugg, Switzerland
JUN 29 THU Garorock, Marmande, France
JUL 1 SAT Villa Janna, Marrakesh, Morocco
JUL 7 FRI Boris Brejcha in Concert, Rīga, Latvia
JUL 8 SAT Ultra Europe 2023, Split, Croatia
JUL 15 SAT- Airbeat One Festival 2023, Neustadt-glewe, Germany
JUL 16 SUN Sea You Festival 2023, Freiburg, Germany
JUL 22 SAT Ushuaia ibiza, Sant Josep De Sa Talaia, Spain
JUL 23 SUN Les Nuits Secrètes 2023, Aulnoye-aymeries, France
JUL 29 SAT Tomorrowland 2023, Boom, Belgium
AUG 3 THU Untold Festival 2023, Cluj-napoca, Romania
AUG 5 SAT World Club Dome Island Edition 2023, Haz-zebbug, Malta
AUG 11 FRI SonneMondSterne Festival 2023, Saalburg-ebersdorf, Germany
AUG 12 SAT D8 IN THE GARDEN, Naas, Ireland
AUG 18 FRI Positiv Festival 2023, Orange, France
AUG 19 SAT Free Your Mind Festival, Bavelsberg, Netherlands
AUG 26 SAT Cenote Dos Osos, Tulum, Mexico
SEP 1 FRI ARC Music Festival 2023, Chicago, IL, USA
SEP 2 SAT Mana Wynwood Convention Center, Miami, FL, USA
SEP 8 FRI Boris Brejcha in Concert, Sindelfingen, Germany
SEP 9 SAT Decibel Open Air 2023, Firenze Nova, Italy
SEP 15 FRI Boris Brejcha in Concert, Berlin, Germany
SEP 16 SAT Boris Brejcha in Concert, İstanbul, Turkey
SEP 22 FRI Boris Brejcha in Concert, Hamburg, Germany
SEP 23 SAT Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
SEP 29 FRI Boris Brejcha in Concert 2023, Munich, Germany
SEP 30 SAT Boris Brejcha in Concert 2023, Köln, Germany


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