Multi-talented Artist CANCUN? Releases Fusion Of Rap And Lowtempo Dance Single “Jiggy”

cancun? jiggy

CANCUN? is a Bronx-raised and Danish-based rapper and producer with Afro-Caribbean roots, and his new track “Jiggy” is as diverse and unique as his heritage, still falling under the unique sound of OneHundred label, operating under Spinnin’ Records.

With its seamless and creative blend of electronic and hip-hop elements, the track is a perfect representation of the viral new genre dubbed “car music.” It’s easy to understand the moniker with the deep, resonant bass and rhythmic beats that form the backbone of the song, complemented with brazen rap vocals by CANCUN? himself with plenty of attitude. “Jiggy” makes for a fun, booty-shaking good time that’s guaranteed to hit, whether in the car or on the dancefloor at the club.

CANCUN? had his musical upbringing in the Bronx, where soul, hip-hop, poetry, and his Afro-Caribbean roots all left a significant impact on his interest in and perspective on music. Today, he lives in Denmark and is known as “The Concept Guy” – the man who freestyles and blends lyrics, genres, and melodies, turning them into hits. With his deep vocals, creative style, and unique ability to fuse genres together, CANCUN? has established a strong presence on the electronic music scene in record time, both in Denmark and internationally. He has conquered the top of the Chinese EDM chart. In November 2022, he entered the weekly chart of China’s largest music platform – QQ Music, with the mega-hit “All Designer” with HEDEGAARD, after which the single went straight to the top spot on the platform’s EDM chart. The single “NYC BABY” with HEDEGAARD, was released in China in a localized version under the title “BEIJING BABY”, where it was out into A-rotation on the biggest radio stations in the country. The song also hit the top spot as no. 1 on the weekly QQ Music’s EDM chart and went on to reach the spot as no. 2 on the overall EDM Chart on QQ Music for the entire second quarter of 2023. For many years, CANCUN? has written songs for and with the biggest Danish stars. His raw, hard-hitting vocals and unorthodox song lyrics can be found on albums by Lukas Graham, Christopher, HEDEGAARD, and Brandon Beal.


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