Dim Mak Artists Snavs & shndō Team Up For ‘Foe Or Friend’ Featuring Hanna ögonsten

shndo foe or friend

Snavs and shndō’s “Foe or Friend” is a fresh slice of cruisy Lounge Future Pop.

It blends the alluring vocals of Sweden’s Hanna ögonsten with inspiring percussion and synths to create an inspiring summer melody.

On the making of the track, Hanna adds; ‘’Foe or Friend was written in Copenhagen after a conversation about the negative aspects of the music industry. I think every music creator can agree that it’s hard to know people’s intentions sometimes. This became the inspiration for the lyrics.

’Been shooting hoops at my goals every day now, but never scores, why? Cold like a blizzard bringing tricks, you’re a wizard, got me hypnotized.’ describes how frustrating it can be to navigate through the music industry. You have so much to give, and in an early stage of the career that’s difficult. There will be moments of doubt. The lyrics ‘I’m nobody to somebody, still I hold on tight’ sum that up. You aim for the sky and only get one shot.’”

Distinguished as one of the most versatile producers in the current music scene, Snavs continually challenges the boundaries of his creativity with an unwavering commitment to exploring new genres and expanding his sonic horizons, Snavs safeguards the artistic essence that defines his work. He not only curated his label, Riotville Records, providing him with the canvas to venture into unconventional collaborations but also released two albums that showcase his exceptional range. Each album features a diverse supporting cast, underlining Snavs’ prowess as a true album artist.

Snavs maintains an impressive flow of high-caliber singles between his album endeavors, consistently making his mark on influential record labels such as Diplo’s Mad Decent, Monstercat, Barong Family, Dim Mak, and Spinnin’ Records. His remixes for renowned artists like Martin Garrix, Yellow Claw, Galantis, and Tiësto have further elevated his acclaim. Snavs’ relentless touring schedule has taken him to every corner of the globe, gracing prestigious venues such as Webster Hall (New York), Avalon (Los Angeles), and Bootshaus (Cologne), as well as prominent festivals like Coachella, Tomorrowland, and EDC Las Vegas. With a presence that resonates far and wide, Snavs’ artistry continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

shndō’s passion for music production began at age 13 while living in the Dominican Republic. At 22, he fully committed to his music, collaborating with notable producers and artists in Los Angeles, CA, including Epik Beats, Tariq Beats, Wallis Lane, and more. These collaborations honed his skills and fueled his pursuit of greatness. Influenced by artists like Avicii, Skrillex, and Major Lazer, shndō developed a unique style that led him to produce hits such as Justin Bieber’s “Peaches” and work with Cardi B, Chris Brown, and others. Now focusing on his solo project as “shndō,” he continues to make waves with his exceptional productions and dedication to musical excellence.

Going through hardships as a child, Hanna Ögonsten would dwell into music, playing the guitar and piano to exploring the boundless ways of DIY-producing – a safe space of words, melodies and soundscapes, that would make the young girl forget about the struggles of a humble life in the suburb of Åkersberga outside of Stockholm. “Growing up, most of us have tried to distract ourselves, simply to escape from the unpleasant parts of life like parents fighting, death in the family and other haunting nightmares. I used music to overcome these situations by writing a lyric or melody, creating a comforting story in my head,” Hanna Ögonsten says and continues: ‘’ I fell in love with making music and now I can’t stop.’’

Hanna Ögonsten has attended the leading music schools, Rytmus and Musikmakarna, and in 2023 she was handpicked by Martin Garrix for the JBL x Martin Garrix Music Academy. This February, she debuted with her single Medicine and not shortly after you could hear Hanna Ögonsten featuring on four tracks on the album from the acclaimed Danish electronic trio, AV AV AV.

‘Foe or Friend’ is available May 10 on Dim Mak.


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