Platinum Trio Cash Cash And 3-Time Grammy Award Nominee Taylor Dayne Team Up On 2023’s Take On “Tell It To My Heart”

cash cash tell it to my heart

The unstoppable production dance-pop trio Cash Cash teams up with one of the top dance artists of all time – Taylor Dayne, for their new dance-pop smash, a 2023 take on “Tell It To My Heart,” originally released by Taylor back in 1987 as her debut single, after which she rose to global stardom.

Cash Cash’s new song incorporates newly recorded, simply stunning vocals from Taylor Dayne, while adding fresh elements of autotune and vocoder to certain samples to make for a groovy and digitized sound. The New Jersey-based producer and songwriter group incorporates their dynamic sound in the form of upbeat, emotive chords and a progressive bassline mixed with in-your-face synths, giving the track a modern flavor of old-school, disco-inspired ballads that pull on heartstrings for many years to come. “Tell It To My Heart” is out on Ultra Records/Sony Music.

“‘Tell It To My Heart’ was such a legendary song of its time with such a unique sound. The vocals alone had such a powerful instant melody that in combination with the lyrics, made for an infectious hook. The track also had such a fun, iconic 80’s tone with the synths and instruments that we really wanted to preserve in our version. I think we found the perfect balance in taking a trip down memory lane while going someplace new at the same time. There’s a popular phrase that a hit song is a hit song no matter how it’s dressed up. We took this already phenomenal song and put a whole new 2023 suit and tie on it. Taylor also is one of those artists that’s simply #stillgotit, and it shows in this version in which she completely recorded brand new vocals for.” – Cash Cash

“I am really excited for fans around the world to hear my new single and collaboration with the great team Cash Cash ‘Tell It To My Heart.'” – Taylor Dayne


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