Charlotte de Witte And Enrico Sangiuliano Come Together For A Remix Of “The Age Of Love”

age of love charlotte de witte remix

Who isn’t familiar with the ever popular 90s hit “The Age of Love” by The Age of Love? The track had become a dance classic that inspired many who took to the path of creating dance music.

Now, KNTXT label boss Charlotte de Witte and Italian techno producer Enrico Sangiuliano have come together to offer a very personal remix of the hit track!

Charlotte de Witte took to social media to announce the release of the song – on the 13th of August – with a short video teaser

Charlotte and Enrico say, “It’s a very meaningful track for both of us, for various reasons, and it brings back many joyful memories. Remixing such a legendary track was a super fun thing to do, but we noticed how easily and spontaneously we could work together in the studio. We are beyond excited to finally unleash our remix to the world. And this at a time where the world finally seems to be going back to normal. There is no better time for a New Age Of Love. We’re ready.”

Charlotte’s influence has grown quite considerably over the past year with new EPs and single releases. Here again, she attempts what could possibly turn out to be one of her biggest remixes.

Pre-order it here.

We’ll come back with more news about the song after its release! Till then, spread the word!

Pavan Kumar


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