CHYL Joins Forces With Speed House Pioneer Haus Of Panda And Vocalist MYLK For Debut Collaboration “Ignite”

chyl ignite

Speed house prodigy CHYL returns to Monstercat today with speed house founder Haus of Panda and multi-faceted artist MYLK for the electrifying debut collaboration, “Ignite.”

“Ignite” is bound to captivate festivals and music venues all year long as it is charged by an irresistible upbeat tempo and catchy melodies sung and crafted by singer-songwriter-producer MYLK. The record promises an exhilarating dancefloor experience as it seamlessly fuses the accelerating speed house styles of CHYL and Haus of Panda. With its powerful drops and bouncy synths leading the intense atmosphere, there is no doubt that “Ignite” will unleash a plethora of energy among listeners.

The past two years have seen CHYL rise as the most prominent female figure of the speed house movement. Authentic to her Formula 1-inspired aesthetic, she melds the elements of the sport with intense reverberations of EDM, drawing from the essense of energetic basslines, adrenaline-pumping beats, and electrifying high-octane drops. Since making her Monstercat debut with the Rocket League addition “Fool Me,” she has graced the stages of iconic venues and festivals including HARD Summer, COUNTDOWN, Monstercat Compound, The Shrine where she opened for Dr. Fresch, and even played at K1 Speed, a popular indoor go-kart racing venue. Gaining fans from opening for lauded producers such as Steve Aoki, Habstrakt, k?d, and others, she also continues to build her fanbase through humorous social media content on the likes of Instagram and TikTok, drawing in new listeners from around the globe.

Since rising in the electronic scene in 2017, Haus of Panda has forged a one-of-a-kind path with his high-energy, speed-driven signature sound. His soaring ascent saw early praise from industry icons including Diplo, Tiësto, Knife Party, and more. With his blend of electro and bass house at 140-150 BPM, he coined the “speed house” genre, which ultimately became a global phenomenon in the realm of EDM. Haus of Panda’s influence goes beyond “speed house,” which is now an official genre on Beatport, he has shaped a new landscape for the next generation of electronic dance producers.

MYLK is a versatile singer, songwriter, and producer renowned for her J-pop/”Kawaii” inspired musicality. She has collaborated with various producers such as Feint with their multi-million streamed Rocket League release “Outbreak,” Moe Shop, Hyper Potions, OVSKY, Bad Computer, and others. Since beginning her music career in 2015, her impressive accomplishments include making her mark on Fortnite with her own vocals, creating an official remix for League of Legends Japan, and crafting two vocal sample packs with Splice. With her unique punchy, bubbly, and vibrant stylings, her discography has amassed over millions of streams across all platforms.

CHYL shares, “‘Ignite’ is one of my favorite speed house collaborations and productions! Structurally it’s a bit similar to my last release with Monstercat, “Fool Me,” where the production features a melodic female vocal and very fast and pumping drops. “Ignite” is extra special to me because I worked with 2 of my close friends on this track. The first drop is a bit more Haus of Panda square-lead sound design style and the second drop is a bit more of my bounce speed house style, and I really think it’s a perfect combo of all of our vision. I hope the listeners will love this track as well!”

Haus of Panda adds, “Chyl had hit me up sometime last fall about doing something together and I agreed it was definitely time we made a speed house banger. The first idea she sent me I could already envision something for it so it was an easy process getting this together!”

MYLK comments, “It always feels good to come back to Monstercat! I’ve never sung on a speed house track before, so that’s a first for me. I was able to put some of my sassy side into “Ignite” as well as my melodic side, so I guess that’s something you don’t see often compared to the other tracks I have out on Monstercat.”

Fans can catch CHYL live this year at Monstercat’s ADE Showcase at Melkweg, Hulaween, and on tour with Dr. Fresch and Habstrakt at venues such as RITZ Ybor in Tampa, FL, and Stereo Live in Dallas and Houston, TX.

Haus of Panda’s passion revolves around nurturing emerging talents with the genre and booking their talents on lines to exhibit their music. Recently, he founded a series of “Speed World” performances, holding events across the globe in San Francisco, Calgary, Vienna, and in his hometown, WInnipeg. Next, he is set to bring his live performances to a numerous number of shows across Asia.


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