Cody Chase Releases December Episodes Of, ‘The Chase’

cody chase the chase december

Cody Chase continued to impress throughout December with more electrifying episodes of his radio show, ‘The Chase’.

As he rounded off the year with a collection of striking mixes, inviting yet more exciting guest stars to take to the decks, Cody Chase made sure to end 2023 with a powerful punch; with Lizzy Wang and Gabry Ponte both coming to join the party, along with Cody Chase himself bringing sonic vibrancy with several unforgettable mixes, December on ‘The Chase’ no doubt stood out.

As fans around the globe continue to be drawn in by his distinct musical tastes and skilful musical talents, Cody Chase keeps earning himself a reputation as one to keep an eye on within Electronic Music; unstoppable in his drive, his future continues to look bright as he elevates his status, gaining attention from genre enthusiasts worldwide. Having consistently delivered month after month of stellar episodes, Cody Chase continues to keep the quality high; finding new and fresh ways to present the hottest sounds within the genre, his episodes appear as well-thought-out mixes that are never short of pulse-racing energy. With December having bought the same impeccable standard to listeners, it seems only a matter of time before ‘The Chase’ finds its popularity soaring to even higher heights.

Standing out as milestone moments within Cody Chase’s already impressive musical journey, the two guest stars featured in last month’s episodes no doubt served as a powerful reminder of Cody Chase’s growing reputation and status within the genre. As both Lizzy Wang and Gabry Ponte delivered mixes infused with their own signature sound, Cody Chase ensured the listening experience was diverse, adding a layer of exhilarating intrigue as the two genre heavyweights took to the decks.

With a seemingly natural ability to curate immersive and engaging listening experiences, Cody Chase continues to sit firmly amongst the top Producers and DJs on the scene and, as he keeps bringing sonically exciting moments to his followers, it is easy to understand why. Consistent in his delivery of impeccable episodes, there is no doubt that Cody Chase will continue placing his admirable talents and strong mixing skills in the spotlight, guaranteeing more unmissable episodes as we enter 2024. So, a show not to be missed, make sure to tune in this January to ‘The Chase’.


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