Crooked Colours feat. Ivan Ooze – I Hope You Get It


Indie electronic band Crooked Colours returns to the forefront, with a refreshing release from their forthcoming LP, called I Hope You Get It. They call upon the talents of Melbourne rapper Ivan Ooze to up the game on this single, which cements their foothold on the Australian music scene that’s sure to delight their audiences.

Listen to it here:


Phil explains “It was really just one of those dream results where we reach out to someone we weren’t too familiar with and he knocked it out of the park. It highlighted the raw talent that Ivan has when writing that we sent him the track in the afternoon and that night he sent back pretty much the finished product.”

The track features some smooth rolling guitar and synths, layered with Ivan’s signature vocals, leading into a flawlessly fluid drop, ‘I Hope You Get It’ exposes yet another level to Crooked Colours production which is only highlighted further throughout the LP.

‘I Hope You Get It (Feat. Ivan Ooze)’ is out today on Sweat It Out, along with the pre-order for Crooked Colours debut album titled ‘Vera’ due 23rd June 2017.

Click HERE to pre-order ‘Vera’ and download ‘Flow’ & ‘I Hope You Get It.’

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