DANNIC joins forces with pop sensation INNA for ‘Stay’


Dutch DJ and producer Dannic has been in a rich vein of form recently, demonstrated by a standout start to 2018 with his reimagining of Silvio Ecomo’s classic track ‘In No Dip’.

This time he’s back, teaming up with Romanian superstar INNA, who provides upbeat vocals on ‘Stay’. The timing is perfect for the track, as it provides a sunny backdrop to will in the spring sunshine and banish the last of winter’s bite.

After working with the techno-influenced Silvio Ecomo, Dannic again displays his diversity and open-mindedness to sound by enlisting the pop influences of INNA, best known for her worldwide chart-topping success ‘Hot’, and the combination is a match made in heaven. Dannic shows a lighter side, with tropical influences fused with his trademark groove. The vocals are instantly memorable and supported by a luscious sound bed of piano in the breakdown, ensuring this track is as suited to radio airplay as it is to Dannic’s longstanding club support.


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