Deadbeats, Brownies & Lemonade Share Joint-Compilation Featuring Zeds Dead x REAPER, Kumarion, Friction & More

deadbeats deadbeats + dnbnl present: d&b

After 2.5 years of curating and crafting, Deadbeats and Brownies & Lemonade proudly announce a groundbreaking collaboration and their final compilation album, ‘Deadbeats + DNBNL Present: D&B’, set for release on January 26th, 2024.

This compilation is a testament to the drum & bass revolution currently sweeping across America, showcasing a collection of tracks from some of the most influential artists in the genre.

The album features an impressive lineup, including a standout collaboration between Zeds Dead and REAPER on the lead track “Back Bus”, highlighting the synergy between these pioneering labels and their vision for the future of drum & bass in North America. The compilation offers a journey through the contemporary soundscape of D&B, featuring tracks like “What I Need” by Friction, “Flow” by Audioscribe, and “Don’t Think” by ShockOne, among others.

Each track in the compilation represents a unique facet of the genre, from IMANU’s drum & bass remix of his original, “It’s Our Destiny,” to AEON:MODE’s “Touch”, and Kumarion’s “See the Sky”. The diversity of styles within the compilation mirrors the dynamic nature of the D&B scene in America. A special mention goes to the compilation’s final track, “New Dawn, New Day”, a drum & bass rendition of STS9’s fan-favorite track, symbolizing the evolution and adaptability of the genre. This addition from STS9 bridges the gap between electronic music and live band performance, highlighting the expansive reach of drum & bass.

‘Deadbeats + DNBNL Present: D&B’ not only celebrates the artists who have fueled this movement but also marks a significant moment in the cultural proliferation of drum & bass in the United States. It stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration in the ever-evolving world of electronic music.

Deadbeats + DNBNL Present: D&B — Tracklist:

“Back Bus” – Zeds Dead, REAPER
“What I Need” – Friction
“Flow” – Audioscribe
“Don’t Think” – ShockOne
“It’s Our Destiny (Remix)” – IMANU
“Touch” – AEON:MODE
“See the Sky” – Kumarion
“Know By Now” – Aktive
“Feel Ur Touch” – Subsonic
“Let It Drop” – SIRE
“Interference” – Bensley, DNMO
“Orion” – Fitch
“Alive” – Ghost in Real Life
“Beyond The Sun” – Synergy
“New Dawn New Day” – STS9


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