deadmau5 New Remix Album ‘here’s the drop!’ Out Now on mau5trap

deadmau5 here's the drop album

Today, October 4, electronic musician deadmau5 celebrates the release of here’s the drop!, an album of remixes of material from his 2018 orchestral album – where’s the drop?

For it, plenty of revered tastemakers have been tapped for their talents to make this remix album a cerebral journey through sound.

The 15 tracks featured on here’s the drop! range from deadmau5’ most popular tracks (“strobe,” “monophobia”) to the more obscure (“hr 8939 cephei,” “caritas”) all with a twist. Morgan Page—who deadmau5 remixed his 2013 single “The Longest Road” (and a set staple on his current cubev3 tour)–offers up his version of “imaginary friends,” Matt Lange tackles “superbia,” and many more expertly reimagined offerings round out this ambitious album from mau5trap’s current artists and alumni such as Mr Bill, Sian, Rinzen and Tinlicker. There is also a remix from deadmau5’ collaborator from where’s the drop? Gregory Reveret. The full track list follows below.

In March of 2018, deadmau5 enchanted fans with where’s the drop?, an album of re-imagined orchestral arrangements of his previous work, in collaboration with musical director Gregory Reveret. The album—released to high critical acclaim–lead to deadmau5 performing the material with a full orchestra over two sold-out nights at the iconic Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles.

The complete track listing for here’s the drop! is:

01. imaginary friends (ov) [Morgan Page Remix]
02. luxuria (ov) [Tinlicker Remix]
03. coelacanth (ov) [Gregory Reveret Remix]
04. acedia (ov) [Rinzen Remix]
05. avaritia (ov) [Seismal D Remix]
06. monophobia (ov) [Sian Remix]
07. gula (ov) [Pig&Dan Remix]
08. invidia (ov) [No Mana Remix]
09. unjaded (ov) [Mad Zach Remix]
10. ira (ov) [Gallya Remix]
11. fn pig (ov) [Spencer Brown Remix]
12. hr 8938 cephei (ov) [Mr. Bill Remix]
13. superbia (ov) [Matt Lange Remix]
14. caritas (ov) [Dom Kane Remix]
15. strobe (ov) [PEEKABOO Remix]

Meanwhile, deadmau5 can now be found on his cubev3 U.S. tour featuring the most complex production he has ever presented. The original cube debuted at Coachella April 2010, catapulting deadmau5 to become one of the most in-demand live acts in the world, with its follow-up Cube 2.1 arriving in 2017 at the launch of his “lots of shows in a row tour.” cubev3 – changing positions from 90 degrees to 45 degrees and rotating 360 degrees—comes to life with mind bending content accompanied by a custom selection of music performed live by deadmau5. More info on the cube along with photos and other assets can be found here.


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