DIIIVA Unveils New Single, ‘React’

diiva react

Demonstrating the true essence of passion, Russian artist DIIIVA releases her single “React” out on April 14th.

They say the most important days of a person’s life are the day we’re born and the day we find out why. DIIIVA has spent the last 2 years searching and refining her vision for the sound she believes in. In 2021, Tanya Kachko, also known as DIIIVA, released several tracks that garnered support from major names in the electronic music realm, including JOYRYDE and Skrillex. While harnessing support from these music legends, DIIIVA is on the way to showcasing her talents to the world. Although she may be new to the game, DIIIVA’s passion for music began as a child, when she learned to play classical violin. This deeply instilled love for music drove her curiosities into the world of punk, bass, and rock.

Making her mark in 2022 with a pair of singles “Let Me Live My Life” and “Need Nobody,” DIIIVA’s attitude, vision, and musical prowess demand attention, making her a force to be reckoned with in the industry. With a firm dedication to artistic freedom, DIIIVA translates her personal experiences into powerful lyrics and unforgettable beats, creating a safe haven for the vulnerable and a voice of struggle for those in need.

Through her music, DIIIVA aims to serve a greater purpose and connect with a broad audience, inspiring and empowering listeners with her thought-provoking themes and explosive basslines. Her platform transcends boundaries and limitations, reaching far beyond any pair of eyes and ears.

“The creative process can be unpredictable, but that’s part of what makes it so exciting. It’s not always easy to know how things will turn out, but I’ve learned to embrace that uncertainty and trust my instincts. When I’m making music, I always try to keep an open mind and let my creativity lead the way.

‘REACT’ is a reminder that inspiration can come from unexpected places, and that trying new things can lead to exciting new discoveries.” – DIIIVA

As she begins to develop her own sound, DIIIVA brings a vibrant and eclectic energy to her music. Combining her appreciation for various genres, the artist delivers a sound that sets her apart, allowing her path to success in the industry to be paved with originality.


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