Diplo – BANK ROLL ft Justin Bieber, Rich the Kid & Young Thug


A lot of artists usually create hype for their upcoming releases by unveiling teasers on social media platforms. But, some artists just decide to drop a new track without any hype or announcement. One such instance occurred on Friday, when Diplo dropped his brand new single ‘Bankroll’ without any prior information.

This new track is an immense collaboration with Justin Bieber, Rich the Kid and Young Thug. After ‘Where Are U’ and ‘Cold Water’, this collaboration shows that Diplo and Bieber are after all becoming close friends.

‘Bankroll’ is an impactful hip-hop track with notable contributions by all collaborators. We won’t be surprised if a mashup/remix of ‘Bankroll’ becomes a popular anthem at music festivals. Listen to this surprise Friday release below:

Let us know what you think of ‘Bankroll’ below!

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