DJ G-String Has Released Her Hyper-Sonic Stormer Of A Trance Remix EP, ‘In The Mirror’

dj g-string in the mirror remix

Chicagoland vocal house DJ, DJ G-String, has entrancingly reconfigured her top hits in her 5-track trance EP, ‘In the Mirror’, which extends her passion for old school Euro house and bringing her audience into the euphoria of her tracks.

Track 1, Always, is a stellar introduction to the EP with the infallibly momentous beats surging around her luxe vocal timbre. Track 2, Your Love, is a series of fiery proclamations of passion intersected by dizzying drops and hardstyle interludes.

Track 3, All These Nights, brings the bass in early before ascending into tension-fraught builds and breaks to the tune of hyper-sonic effects. Track 4, which features Lindsay Compton, winds it down a notch; the progressively evocative mix gives the vocals plenty of room to spill their resounding magnetism on the steady and even-kilter beats. The concluding single, Only If, is potentially the sweetest spot on the EP with its cinematically electrifying earworm quality.

DJ- G-String created the remixes for three of the five releases on the EP, working closely with P5YCh0h and Chriszio on the final two mixes.

DJ G-String said:

“The title is a symbolic reflection and celebration of what I have built in this dance music ecosystem so far. It was important to emphasise that we are all unique, and sometimes, you just have to stop and look in the mirror to remember who you are and what you love.”

“In the Mirror immediately affirms DJ G-String’s motivation behind the EP. It is a triumph of a euphorically-charged soul and displays inexplicable dexterity in the always immersive amped progressions.”


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