DJ Snake X Crankdat Unleash Explosive Collaboration ‘Big Bang’

dj snake big bang

Multi-platinum DJ and global sensation DJ Snake is teaming up with bass music legend Crankdat to unleash their incendiary new single, ‘Big Bang.’

Dropping on April 10th, this collaboration promises to ignite speakers with its adrenaline-fueled energy. With a dynamic blend of dubstep, electro house, and glitch, DJ Snake and Crankdat are poised to set dance floors ablaze with their firestarter of a track. ‘Big Bang’ plunges listeners into a sonic realm of controlled chaos, where a cacophony of distorted synths and basslines holds dominion. With an intro marked by the ominous wail of Under strict embargo until: April 10th, 2024 police sirens and sinister laughter, the stage is set for a raucously addictive auditory trip. As the beat drops, the track evolves into an EDM powerhouse, pulsating with unrelenting energy and
urgency. As a commanding vocal breakdown compels listeners to raise their hands in surrender, we delve into a futuristic techno labyrinth, where penetrating synths intertwine and intricate beats reign supreme. Awash in fiery red tones, the accompanying visualizer captures
scenes of burning cop cars, unruly crowds, and menacing sawblades, driving home the track’s raw energy.

Over the past decade, DJ Snake has ascended to a realm of success few artists ever reach. Hailing from a Parisian housing project, the multi-platinum DJ/producer has rewritten industry standards with chart-toppers like ‘Taki Taki’ and ‘Lean On’ (with Major Lazer), earning
diamond RIAA certification. His groundbreaking hits, including ‘Turn Down for What’ (with Lil Jon), have garnered over 40 diamond certifications in the US. Notably, he made history by performing atop the Arc de Triomphe. With over three billion streams on Spotify and a
knack for bridging cultural and genre divides, the industry heavyweight consistently dominates global charts. Whether collaborating with pop icons or amplifying lesser-known talents worldwide, he merges forward-thinking musicality with unforgettable melodies. Beyond music, DJ Snake champions emerging artists and immerses himself in communities worldwide, from Brazil’s favelas to India’s slums, often bonding with locals over soccer. His achievements include selling out Paris’ 63,000-capacity Parc des Princes, the first electronic artist to do so. The trailblazer’s mission remains steadfast: to push creative boundaries, resonate with audiences, and fervently celebrate global culture.
Born Christian Smith, Crankdat embarked on a musical journey driven by boundless curiosity.

Quickly distinguishing himself with his knack for blending genres, he rose to prominence through his innovative remixes, infusing established tracks with his creative energy to captivate global audiences. Evolving into a masterful producer, his original compositions like ‘Dollars,’ ‘Reasons to Run,’ and ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ showcased his talent for crafting intricate soundscapes that seamlessly blend emotive melodies with dynamic drops. Collaborations with artists such as Tisoki, Gammer, and Slushii further showcased his ability to transcend genre boundaries, creating sonic fusions that defy categorization.

Now, with Big Bang, we see two artists at the top of their craft joining forces to create a high-octane sonic union. As DJ Snake prepares to grace the Coachella stage on April 14th and 21st, the track is destined to cause shockwaves as an electrifying crowd-pleaser.


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