Dokkodo Drops Lo-Fi Soundscape ‘Between Us’

dokkodo between us

‘Between Us’ is the first track from Dokkodo’s upcoming EP ‘No Feeling Is Final’, slated for release in April 2022.

With the EP described as a journey through different soundscapes, ‘Between Us’, is the perfect choice to embark on this aural adventure and is available to stream now.

Released via DRRT Records, this Lo-Fi masterpiece starts off with enticing guitar riffs followed by smooth yet rich vocals. Less is more, as Dokkodo proves yet again, creating a harmonic odyssey, showcasing his affinity and comfort with the genre.

Producer and sound designer Thomas Trueman – aka Dokkodo – derived his unusual alias from the book ‘The Dokkodo (The Way of Walking Alone)’. Written by Miyamoto Musashi in preparation for his own death, the book contains 21 precepts on how best to live your life. Carrying on the message and legacy of Musahi, Thomas’s motto reflects his desire to live his best life through music and art.

Leading up to the release of ‘No Feeling Is Final’, Dokkodo will be dropping a track from the EP every two weeks. Each one different yet with a familiarity that links them, a journey filled with musical nuances and delicate gestures can be expected for the upcoming releases. With his first offering, Dokkodo reminds us once again the journey to his EP release is only just getting started.


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