Draft – Patience & Time EP


Like its infamous boss deadmau5, the highly renowned mau5trap label has a reputation for being meticulous; the label’s artists and releases possesses an inexplicable uniqueness that cannot be found anywhere else.

Its newest release is by Liam Tallon, better known as Draft, and it’s easy to understand just why after one listen to his “Patience & Time” EP.

Draft creates a juxtaposition of the ethereal and ominous by pairing atmospheric melodies with deep, resounding basslines, the result of which is a compelling brand of electronica that’s all his own.

“‘Patience & Time’ is my platform to push boundaries. It is raw, yet homely, passionate, yet cold,”
says Draft of his latest masterpiece. “It’s baring my scars for people to witness, stare at, and grow to adore.”

Liam draws the listener in with the silvery opening notes of “Letheia,” which seamlessly dissolve into driving, choppy beats that set the stage for the rest of the EP. From the eerily gorgeous vocals on “The River” to the synth-heavy, chest-vibrating bass of “Steamroller” and the cinematic chords of “Feeling Forever,” Draft is your sonic shepherd on a journey that feels just as much spiritual as it does musical.

Download it here.


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