Edyth Delivers Emotive Unravelling Through 18 Track Project: Bare II


Edyth is an anonymous Sudanese electronic producer that’s excited to launch his debut album.

He enjoys utilizing the process of making music to express emotions he otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Deep into a three-year project, the new album Bare II was born with an intense display of immersive and hypnotic music with a distinct cinematic appeal.

Now living in Kuwait, Edyth is an artist who demonstrates a penetrating array of deep-rooted emotions, giving us the privilege of an honest and open journey with an honest articulation that’s usually restricted today. The juxtaposition of Edyth’s anonymity, alongside his assurance of authenticity, allows us to focus on the alluring talent of emotional eloquence that Edyth has mastered.

Bare II is the first album in Edyth’s musical career. Leading up to the project Edyth used three singles to indicate the poignancy of a sci-fi narrative. The first single, Sober Blend, separated Edyth from current dance music expectations and developed into an ambient and progressive effort that perfectly discerned the listener. Second single, A Map of What Is Lost created a dynamic experience of obscure sounds in order to narrate life’s struggles, and the importance of continued optimism. Nolson was the third extra-terrestrial effort that moans a resistant tale of authoritative landscapes with an un-easy simplicity and whimsical beauty.

Bare II is Edyth’s marathon 18 track album that builds on a world of hesitancy that lies just outside of our comfort zone. In an attempt to embody an artificial and unpredictable world that represents a mental and physical battle, Edyth’s produced a clean cut and masterful display. Each track shows signs of the struggle between real life and make-believe, executed with an incredible level of self-analysis and bravery to express one’s defenseless state. Ultimately, Bare II depicts an uncertain limbo between the world we live in today, and a world we remember.

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