ELYAZ Explores Unchartered Territories With “Wildlands”

Elyaz Wildlands

Italian Singer/Songwriter/Producer ELYAZ released his new single “Wildlands” and we have a good few words to speak about it.

The new vocal single is out on all Digital shelves.

ELYAZ has been active since 2016. His first release happened through Dance Floor Corporation records, the home of Italian house, Hardcore and techno. The Italian artist soon landed in the Spinnin talent Pool top 10 with his single “Whispers”. ELYAZ’s true turning point was with the Country and electronic hybrid “Break the Distance”. With that record, the Italian producer stopped adhering to the laws of “Traditional” music and started pouring his creativity alongside sheer quality. With this new single, ELYAZ truly stepped into the wildlands and made it a successful hunt.

Give it a listen.

The tune opens with welcoming violins and a string-section-oriented bassline paired with minimal percussions. This sets up the proper tension for ELYAZ’s broad vocals to kick in. Many think that massive synths and broad atmospheres create an anthemic vibe. ELYAZ proved them wrong by creating an equal atmosphere with properly layered vocals and a great piano section. The record is a strange and satisfying fusion between psychedelic trance, anthemic house and Brazilian bass in its drop section.

Sound engineering is an important aspect of production. It is often overlooked and is ignored but plays a vital role in keeping the mix colourful and decent sounding. “Wildlands” is a great example of proper sound design. Overall, this track is perfect for any DJ’s crate and every casual listener’s playlist.

Stream/downoad the single here.


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