Emanuele Braveri – Only A Dream


Emanuele Braver has made his name by prescribing his fans a unique brand of trance with a distinct house undertone, plying his inimitable style of electronic music to ever-incresing acclaim over the last five years. Continuing in the same vein, ‘Only A Dream’ – his latest studio creation – is set to enthral fans once again.

Its housey drums, lively percussion, hats & rhythmic double claps set the track on its tonal path. Deep bass drops and cyanic note melodies come together later to keep the track building up, and the track’s longer held pad harmonies make it even hotter. Seamlessly combining every element and getting them to work in perfect harmony (yet each forming its own type of magic), ‘Only A Dream’ is trance heard through the prism of summer.

You can pick it up through Beatport here.


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