Enviado Vida Unveils Transportive Single “The Next Step” On Monstercat

enviado vida the next step

Silk veteran Enviado Vida returned to the label with his ethereal single “The Next Step”.

The soft pads and otherworldly vocal chops drop listeners into a faraway soundscape characterized by crisp percussion and melodic arpeggiators.

“The Next Step” fully showcases Enviado Vida’s ability to tell a story through sound as he takes listeners on a personal journey through rich cultures and life changes.

Enviado Vida shares, “This track started with a simple sketch. I have always loved the folklore of different countries, especially Africa and the indigenous people of North America.

This track is an attempt to combine everything in one bottle. It was written during the positive changes in my life and is dedicated to these changes specifically. It’s a track that expresses one simple yet deep thought: with every new step our life changes, and we change with it too.”


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