Eric Lune showcases his fine talent through a 3-track EP


Juicebox Music continues it’s 2019 saga with another debutant – Eric Lune.

Based in Melbourne (Australia), Eric Quattropani’s story begun a few years back through his well known ambient & downtempo alias – Kindred, and now with his fairly new ‘Eric Lune’ project, he ventures into the progressive & dance floor oriented space. Since his first appearance in 2018, he’s released his work on Madloch’s “Sound Avenue” & “3rd Avenue”, Morttagua’s “Timeless Moment”, Paul Hazendonk’s “MNL” & Nikko Z’s “Dopamine” imprints, all receiving critical acclaim.

Untethered by the formulaic approach of today’s ‘floor-friendly’ dance music, Eric’s first and foremost focus is, and has always been, about the sensibility of musicality. True to his ambient roots, the storytelling lies deep within the multitude of tonal & harmonic layers. His soundscaping abilities, paired with grooves & unpredictable arrangement heightens the aural experience to the next level.

Juicebox Music welcomes Eric Lune, as he showcases his fine talent through a 3-track EP, featuring “Tantra”, “Snow Pony” & “Wooden Bird”.

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