Experimental Bass Producer Shadient Shares “Infinite Structure” EP on GUD VIBRATIONS

shadient infinite structure ep
Shadient takes you on a spiritual journey with his new Infinite Structure EP.

The three-track project plays off Shadient’s experimentation with bass-heavy synths and captivating melodies that will bring listeners to a different state of mind. This marks the third EP in Shadient’s musical portfolio and exhibits the growth of his industrial sound.

“Fade” kicks off the EP by transporting you back to a place of nostalgia. A faded out voice speaks, culminating with a mindblowing euphoric drop to mark the end of another chapter. “Erode” follows effortlessly, with a crash of earth-shattering bass. The song places the listener into an energetic trance and leaves with a slow, euphoric melody, relaxing the tension in the body after it endured a bumpy ride.
Prior to the EP release, “Miles of Mind” provided a sneak peek of what to expect stylistically from the project. Featuring the angelic vocals of fknsyd, her chilling lyrics tug at the heart, just for Shadient to surprise us with a spontaneous UK garage beat. Together, they created a song that is hard to forget.
Since releasing his Divide EP last year, London-based Shadient has been refining his sound to gear up for the new EP release. He’s also been working consistently with Wavedash which resulted in their third collaboration “Tung Tiied;” following “Get Wicked” and their remix of RL Grime’s “Era” that gave both artists their break.
Before music events were put on hold earlier this year, Shadient had been on the road supporting many superstar DJs, including joining friends SLANDER for “The Eye” Tour as well as tagging along with REZZ for her Red Rocks show last September. Shadient also performed at Hard’s first debut of Holy Ship! Wrecked opened for Virtual Self, and more recently, participated in Porter Robinson’s virtual Secret Sky Festival.
All personal proceeds from Shadient’s forthcoming Infinite Structure EP will be split and given directly to Reclaim The Block, North Star Health Collective, and Louisville Community Bail Fund.


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