Fløa And Forty Cats Release Ethereal Melodic House Single “Manautee”

fløa manautee

Following the release of his three-track EP, ‘Goodbye’ last month, rising Russian deep and melodic house producer Fløa returned to Monstercat accompanied by fellow Russian producer and Monstercat Silk veteran Forty Cats for their soothing new single, “Manautee.”

The atmospheric pads, warm chords, and deep basslines wash over listeners in waves of hypnotic sounds. The crisp percussion and vibrant synth melody are slowly introduced as the track crescendos, adding a layer of upbeat energy to this mellow single.

Perfectly fusing organic and progressive sounds, “Manautee” finds its sense of purpose in providing serenity before the world returns to the dancefloor.

Fløa shares, “The main message of this track is a state of peace and tranquility. And it is important now to show it in dances. After the pandemic, people return to the world of parties.”

Forty Cats adds, “Primal voices of the future.”


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