Boundary-Pushing Producer Fransis Derelle Unveils Melodic Bass Single “Here For Now” With CRaymak And Josh Rubin

fransis derelle here for now

Quickly becoming label-favorites with their singles “Same Mistake” and “Ember,” melodic bass producer Fransis Derelle has rejoined forces with trap artist CRaymak and singer-songwriter Josh Rubin for their new exhilarating single, “Here For Now” on Monstercat.

The track displays both Fransis and CRaymak’s innovative bass stylings, supported by mesmerizing vocals from Josh. The nostalgic notes and vulnerable lyrics are a nod to consciously processing emotions and taking a second in life to be present at the moment. Catch “Here For Now” live as Fransis supports Ray Volpe on his North American tour alongside a play at Lost Lands this fall.

Fransis Derelle shares, “When we started the brainstorm of what we wanted to write about, we came up with the concept of being here for now in the moment. Whether it’s a spouse or friend, we wanted to take you to a moment of just being present in life and being there in the moment.”

CRaymak adds, “Generally in life, I feel that we are all so distracted by things like work, social media, entertainment, and everyday stresses, that we don’t actually get to take the time we need to put a pause on life so that we can properly understand what it is we’re feeling, what triggered the feeling, or how we can move beyond it in a healthy manner. I feel like we would want our song to act as a reminder/moment for listeners to reflect on what ‘Here For Now’ or living in the present would mean to them!”

Josh Rubin also comments, “Sometimes it feels like I’m constantly looking forward, constantly looking to the next goal or milestone. I often have to remind myself to slow down and appreciate the journey and everything that comes along with it. This song is a reminder to be in the moment and appreciate what you already have.”


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