Bangalore’s Rising Talent GNDHI Initiates The Groove With Summer Anthem ‘Move On’

gndhi move on

GNDHI, the visionary music producer and multi-instrumentalist, is charting new territories in the realm of electronic music.

Hailing from Bangalore, India with a background as a trained drummer, percussionist, and saxophonist, GNDHI’s musical prowess is palpable in every note indeed. With a vision to reimagine the trap music scene by incorporating his roots and sharing a unique, yet ever-evolving sound apparent in past singles such as “BULLSHXT.” Additionally unveiling several releases including “HOP”, under his previous alias Argenil. Most recently, Ahadadream opened his BBC Radio Future Dance Mix with GNDHI’s very own tune “Dholna,” proving that GNDHI is no stranger in the music industry.

From delivering unforgettable performances at venues and festivals across India, China, and a memorable 20-city tour of the USA supporting the legend TroyBoi, GNDHI is only getting warmed up as he is taking over the scene one release at a time which transitions back and forth from the producer’s favorite styles and musical camouflages.

Taking his audience to another level, GNDHI’s upcoming release, “Move On,” is scheduled to drop on May 3rd via Create Music. Launching off with a catchy vocal hook alongside a fusion of Latin horns, GNDHI’s world of pure creativity and elements of surprise shines brightly
throughout this single. With an impressive incorporation of Afrobeat and Baile elements, a pulsating rhythm with captivating vocals initiate an irresistible summer anthem for the books. As the talented artist showcases various bass-induced instrumentals with a taste of musical percussions, GNDHI is truly a master at Intertwining all forms of genres into his production abilities.

Accompanying the release is a captivating music video featuring choreography inspired by popular Afro-dance styles, designed to showcase fierce femininity. With a lineup of releases on the horizon, GNDHI emerges as a formidable force in the electronic music scene, solidifying his status as an artist who is truly passionate about mastering his craft and continues to push his genre-defying sound forward in 2024.


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