Grant Drops His Latest Single “Wishes” Featuring McCall

Grant Wishes

Grant drops his soothing new single “Wishes” featuring McCall.

A song like no other, Grant beautifully intertwines relaxing melodies together with a rhythmic bass creating an intricate, ear-catching track. The addition of McCall’s calming vocals only elevates “Wishes” adding further emotional depth. Grant has much more coming down the pipeline so, stay tuned for what’s to come!

About Grant

The evolution of Grant has stemmed from a shift in artistic and personal characteristics. It’s a coming of age story that’s told through music, art, and an approachable personality. Being able to identify as yourself and not hide behind the facade that a brand can sometimes hold, allows Granto to truly embrace himself as inspiration.

Now Grant stands at the precipice of another level of expression. This is music tied to a life lived with introspection and compassion. For those looking to find inspiration, these songs are for you. A community awaits where individuals share different interpretations, a myriad of emotions, and inner discovery. The common thread is music from an artist who knows what it’s like to be on the outside looking in. But as Grant so successfully proves, it’s the right place to be.


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